"Alley! Alley! Wake up!..p-please,oh please!" yelled Jaden as she fell to the floor sobbing.

"Jaden!" yelled chazz as he ran to her side.

sprawled out in Jadens lap was Alley she had been knocked out by one of the falling rocks that hit her head during the collapse of the ceiling in the ancient ruins of elements.

In Alley's dream

Alley! ALLEY! (i hear it a... voice) Alley! (it's...calling for me..) Alley opened her green spearmint eye's (mother?....) "Alley! dear how are you?" Asked her mother Alley looked up to see a woman about the age of twenty light blond hair and soft emerald eye's. " Alley honey i have to go to an appointment with Dr.Jun so be a good girl and while i am gone you can go over to Jadens and play with him" Alley's mother smiled as she said this. (that smile......its....so pretty) " well i'm am off" her mother said as she started to walk away.

"Oi!Alley help us with our dresses!" called a petite Blondie with dull brown eye's from the stair case. " our recital for the part of Lita's daughter in brokeback mountain is today!" yelled the Blondie " your....recital?" replied Alley
"yes the one that's today January 5 ,2009 doofus!" (January 5 ,2009!? that means!!!) Before alley knew what happened she found herself running out the back door "MAMA!" MAMA!" she yelled tears following from her eye's Alley turned around the corner to see her mother a split second before she was hit by a car.

Time seemed to slow down as she watched the scene infront of here eye's unfold.

crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying poor alley