If a blind guy walked in to a wall would you help him see? Or just laugh your a** off.

The bad influence. " Do it. Do it. Do it"

Riding on the back of a bunny through a burning meadow under a crazy rainbow. "weeeeee"

* Old porno music ... just for Nathin. "

When we die, we die ... but do we still live on.

"Watch for the guy talking to the plant! "

"The Government is lieing about 9 11, Raegon is the devil, and Jesus was Black ... thank you for your time." ( Did I get the right president? I'm not black just liked the commecial lol. )

Thinking of wierd phrases is fun and quite enter taining lol

Okay a real entry too it is 5:01 AM. I slept from 9:17 PM (last time I saw the clock before I clocked out) to 2:34, that is only a little over 5 hours !!!! Work has killed my sleep I don't even get to sleep a full night, because I think that I need to get up at 5 or 6. crying . I love my job but I get overwhelmed sometimes and I get lost like today I had to do five things at once I almost got them all done but I had to get organized first or else. ( visualize a plane crashing into a barn that is my brain) So I started from health hazards and saftey to what is needed to be done most ahhh I got lost doing that too but I want more sleep so I'll post again later I need to sleep cause today I'm playing DDR with jason crying (those are the happy tears from laughing to much lol) ... well I got some more time to say a little bit more. I hate the sheets they won't give me a horned or angel ones crying (sad). what else well I just finished wacthing Big O ( one of the greats) and wel DDR is played by the most least likely of people ( people that know me know i would but people that know ha_zu_ki well no way he would like it but he can't stop lol niether can jason but now that Big O is over and I'm tired again so sweet thoughts end 5:29