She smile her laughter but forgiveness she's after
The truth will come sooner but this will be cleaner
Of all the truths of lying to the one's you stood up for
The only one's that you cared for all your life

Now you thrown though's thought's away
Forever we will seek but forever we will collide the truth
Your instant smile goes and fades away from me
The sound of your voice cracks into tiny little people

Forever I found myself all alone in this little world
It's just so easy to figure out where I can get out of this place
But I just have to kill this loneliness to forgive the people I killed
Of till tomorrow the drugs wouldn't work on me again

The walls creak after I step in the house of darkness
The heroine of the drugs will make me sleepy forever
The crows will makes sounds of sorts of noises
The sky turns black and red burning down on the water