Today was my first day back at school. Shockingly enough, I arrived at every single one of my classes on time, and actually tried really hard to pay attention and do my work. But uh.. it's also only the first day, so I'm not counting my chickens before they're even laid, let alone hatched. Azzy is in two of my classes, woot. We were all surprised about having English together.

It was slightly depressing how fast I got tired during the day, but I have to endure! I came home and intended to sleep, but now instead I'm making egg salad sandwiches. Oh, I also have to get ahold of Angie... since apparently she wanted to hangout today. It was a bit strange, having her say out of the blue she missed hanging with me. I haven't seen her in over two years.

Soooo... this weekend was interesting. Friday I went to Mason's and hung there with him, Chloe, and Tasha. We played Abyss together, ate twinkies, I was really hyper off coffee for a little while, and I also drew a nice picture. As usual I didn't get to sleep until like 8:30, so I was pretty pissed when Chloe came in and barrelled onto me at like 10 or 11 in the morning. I was having a nice dream too! I can't remember it anymore but I know I was enjoying it.

Then... she woke me up again like 6 hours later. I was also pissed then because I had another nice dream going on. It seems my best dreams are ruined by having to wake up.. but alas, that's reality, isn't it?

That night I got dragged to the gay dance they were going to. It was a pain in the flipping a** to get there, because we had to walk all the way from Chloe's to where it was, which was pretty close to Widdifield. We met up with some people there, and we all danced and stuff, but other then that it was really boring ... though there were some er, interesting types around.

Sunday I did nothing else but play WoW, which I actually enjoyed alot, haha. I got my Night Elf up two levels, making her 36 now! I'm actually quite pleased. WoWWiki is incredibly handy, I wish I had thought of using it before ... it helped me find the location of those bloody tigers.

Levelling by myself is quite difficult but I'm managing. I had a partner for a brief time, until he ditched me for Goldshire. Pfft.

Well, I'd better go upstairs and check on the eggs. After that, moar levelling, ahoy! To be honest I'd really rather just rest today... but I did tell Angie I'd call her. Sigh. I hate obligations.

Well, 'tis all for now.