Daydreaming mad Blehx this took too long to come up with i am going through ds withdrawal i lost it three weeks ago and still can't find it and i am having writers block but i managed to come up with this so ya yay!


Gary: ya

Daydreaming: oh just shut up both of you!

The subconscious Ch.2

-----act 1----------

Slowly but stealthily ash walked near the middle of the room which housed a gigantic Christmas tree. Ash quickly inspected it, it was adorned with small to large delicate ornaments that shimmered and sparkled in the light of the glowing pink,purple and blue strings of light. Ash smirked the theme of it was deserts so ash could only guess it was May and a few other of her friends that decorated it. May was known for her cooking,her favorite dish was ramen but she loved sweets and the theme would be something only she could come up with.

As Ash was admiring the tree a boy no older than four ran up to him eye's red and stricken with tears.The boy had black hair with a hat on it that was turned the opposite way allowing his big bang to fall out the opening of the cap he had blue eye's shimmered under the light cause of him crying. Ash *sniffle* Gar-ry took m-my pendent*sniffle* and he won't give it back all he did was laugh in my face and call me a crybaby.Then he burst out in a fit of sobs.Everyone at the party looked over at ash while he was trying to comfort the boy.

"Ash!" called may "whats wrong with Jimmy?" Ash looked up from where he was kneeling trying to comfort Jimmy "Gary took his pendent" said Ash as he arose from the spot. "well that no good arrogant Gary always causing trouble" may shook her head then asked " what should we do about this?" she asked. Ash looked directly at her then said " i am going to get it back, you stay here and watch Jimmy and don't say anything to Dawn i don't want her to try to help" Ash stated seriously to may.

"Are you sure about this ash?" asked May " I am" said ash "Now,Jimmy where were you when Gary took it?" asked Ash "i Was near an old Sakura tree" replied Jimmy as soon as those words where spoken Ash knew where Gary was for Gary always hanged around that old tree. Ash quickly made a dash for the door. "Ash!" cried dawn startled she hadn't expected too see ash run at full speed out the door as soon as she opened it "Ash where are you going?!" she exclaimed " i have to take care off something!" he replied as he ran soon all dawn could see was his retreating figure before more words could come out of her mouth.

Ash quickly followed a path that led to the old tree where Gary was. Thankfully the gang he was in wasn't there at the moment. When he reached the tree he couldn't help but notice Gary in his sleeping form napping there he looked so peaceful and serene and the cherry blossoms that fell from the tree added to the look. As he stood there in a dazed state Gary started to stir which made ash quickly shake himself out of the daze. "Well now what do we have here" said Gary now fully awake and alert " why isn't it Ashy-boy" the Emerald eyed brunette said with and acid tone ash ignoring his tone said " give me Jimmys pendent" said ash venomously to Gary.

'And now why would i want do that Ashy" Said Gary sourly to Ash. Ash cringed he really hadn't thought of how he would get it from gary just how he would retrieve it. 'just...just give it back!" said Ash Angrily he wasn't sure how but Gary always brought the worst out of him. "well, sorry Ashy but that's a no-no" Gary smirked as he said it. " ugh-why you" sputtered out Ash "hm Is Ashy mad"said Gary mockingly to Ash.