Hello everyone. As you can see this is the first post of my new Blog.
I deleted all my old posts and such because they do not satisfy me anymore as you can see.
Some of the Topics I will now include will be ..

/ / x s t y l e - Interesting styles/trends I have found.
/ / x G o s s i p - Big news/Gossip I have heard.
/ / x b l a n k p a g e s - Just my Regular about me and such.
/ / x c o m m u n i t y - Some interesting things about the community.
/ / m e d i a - Any fun media/videos/pictures that look cool.

There will be more soon when this blog becomes more popular if It can.
I will try to make this as updated as it can so please bare with me!
Thanks everyone.

And Please, To all those Haters, Don't Read my Blog If you Hate it, okay?
And to all those Lovers, I would love to hear your opinions about things and post them up in the Community post. (:

- h i k a r u