So I went to go see the new Underworld with Azzy and Brandon today. It was really good, not very long but that's okay. I laughed at all the gore and teared up during the sad scenes. That means it was good in my books. Unfortunately the last time I watched any sort of Underworld movie was ages ago, and I forgot most of the key scenes you were supposed to relate with the other movies... but hey, it means everything that happened was kinda a surprise? lols.

I had been crashing at Azzy's for like the past 3 days prior to today. The first two nights we watched Fate Stay Night and I forced Brandon to play Vesperia with me. FSN was a good anime, but the ending was just slightly lame. Yesterday Tai dropped by and we hungout at Timmies, make a trek to get 360 controllers and failed, then stayed at Azzy's and watched Gurren Lagann until everyone got sleepy.

Except me. Dumbass insomnia. I can lay for ******** hours and not be able to sleep a wink. I didn't get any sleep until 12 at least, when I decided to go nap for a few hours. I went to the school this morning and picked up my schedule papers to fill out and bring in tomorrow. So... as of next week I will be going to school again.

I am in slightly high spirits this week. Have been venturing outside and the like. I gotta make this last week count, right?

Now on that note, I'm going to play Vesperia. We temporarily have borrowed a 360 from someone so I can play happily without error! Let's see if I can beat this game tonight!

... I'll be sad when I'm finished though. </3

... but then I'll just have to play again! Mwahaha.