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a life of a modern sorceress
it's about a modern day sorceress named Aoshi who's from japan and kinda looks boyish do to her hair being cut..it kept catching on fire everytime she used a spell on something.
ok this story is about NiGHTS it's a video game that I'm creating a story about so yeah...

Title: NiGHTS and a Jack-in-a-box

NiGHTS is sitting there floating next to a fountain when a little dreamer comes through a door carrying a jack-in-a-box in her arms, NiGHTS being curious as always flies down to the little girl and stares at her, then stares at the jack-in-a-box. "whats that you got there?"
the little girl smiles timidly and holds it up to him. "it's a jack-in-a-box" NiGHTS puts a finger on his head and scratchs it confused. "they put jackle in a box? why?" the little girl giggles at him. "no silly, not a jackle in a box, a jack-in-a-box." she then turns the knob and a tune plays, then when it stops, a clown pops up and NiGHTS jumps. "whoa!!" the little girl giggles more. "yeah...by the way whats a jackle?" NiGHTS looks at her. "oh thats right you haven't met any Nightmaren's like me yet, Jackle would so like this thing that makes that other thing pop out." NiGHTS takes her to meet Jackle who's playing a joke on another nightmaren who's trying so hard not to either beat jackle up or kill him. Jackle then spies NiGHTS and the dreamer. "how interesting." He then sees the box she is carrying and just like NiGHTS he flies over to see what the box is. the little girl giggles and turns the knob again and the same tune plays and the same thing happens, but this time Jackle jumps while laughing. "that...that is the funniest, and cutiest thing I've ever seen!! wait till Reala sees this!!" NiGHTS tries to calm jackle down. "I don't think Reala wants to see this thing, you know how he is with kids toys." Jackle nods in agreement. "but still, it'd be great for practical jokes" Reala then sneaks up behind jackle and tackles him. "....teach you to play jokes on me!!" Reala then starts to beat Jackle up as Jackle screams for mercy, Reala then notices the cute box that's in the little girls arms. "what is that..." the little girl giggles and turns the knob again and the tune plays again, then when it stops a clown pops out of the box. Reala doesn't look to amused. "that is the stupidist toy I've ever seen." the little girl then turns to NiGHTS and tugs on his sleave. "you still haven't told me what a jackle is." NiGHTS looks down at her and chuckles. Jackle gets annoyed and points to him. "my name is Jackle." the little girl giggles again. "you look like a bat." Reala hears this and chuckles a little bit.

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commentCommented on: Tue Apr 21, 2009 @ 05:33am
where am I at no Caboose lol xd

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