As the name may imply, I've been on a Vesperia binge for the past few days. The game has sucked me in and now I must must finish it. Good lord, once it got past a certain part... it just became amazing. It's as great to me as Abyss was, with minor improvements in some details. To be quite honest, I enjoy this cast of characters more then the majority of Abyss... which is shocking to me... I still love Luke, Tear, Asch, Sync, etc ... but I think there isn't a single character I actually dislike in Vesperia so far, Karol (surprisingly) included.

Yuri Lowell is the god of all main characters. If only men like that existed, I mean c'mon! >.< It's like someone took every trait I ever found attractive in a person and combined them into one character.

It's like this game picked my bloody brain. Estelle and Judith are incarnations of Eternal and Azure, I swear. Duke is Thertos for christ's sake, although even Alexei could of been him... well, he looks more like him, but Duke's attitude is more Thertos-type in my opinion... hmm only Azzy would really be the best judge of that.

Okay, Vesperia gushing aside, this weekend was quite a good one. I'm not going to write about it because Azzy did already, so.. if you care enough go check that out instead. I'm afraid since then I've been on a bit of a depression streak, through.

I'm disgusted with myself, and feel like my life is worthless, and all the people in my life are worthless except like maybe one, and I don't want to step outside because I feel like I'm too ugly and annoying of an person, and that has to be the reason why no one respects me or wants to stay with me.

A little harsh and emo-sounding? Why yes. These sorts of moods happen, don't they? It just so happens I have to endure it for now. I'll probably feel better when my face decides to stop looking like a pimply piece of crap, and I get to go back to school, and maybe stop putting off interacting with people, and oh when the weather warms up.

I think I'm going to go to bed now. I woke up at like 3 and have been playing Vesperia non-stop since then... god I love that game... but the X-Box just red-ringed me and that usually means I need to give it a break. Poor thing works more hours then it rests, undoubtedly.

Yes, isn't it nice to have a life where I don't need to work or do anything at all...? Actually you'd be surprised... this sort of lifestyle grates on you after a while... I'm actually sick of having nothing to do... and the weather doesn't make me want to go outside, either...

........ blegh blegh.