Hello people of the planet earth. If you haven't noticed, I've only been writing journals when I go to concerts. So guess what!? I'm going to 3 more concerts!! woot woot. The first one is Ludo w/ Sing It Loud, This Providence, and The Morning Light. I'm going for Sing It Loud though. I have no idea what the tour is called, all I know is it's Ludo's. It's Feb. 6 in Cleveland Heights. If you have been paying attention, I've already seen Sing It Loud. But my thought was "what the hell, I'll go see 'em again!" So I am. Then like a week later*Feb. 12*, I'm going to Take Action! in Cleveland. It has Cute Is What We Aim For w/ Every Avenue, Breathe Carolina, Meg&Dia and Anarbor. I'm mainly going for Every Avenue and Breathe Carolina. Meg&Dia are good, just a little too mellow for my liking. I've never really gotten into CIWWAF and Anarbor. And last but not least...the AP Tour!!*May 9* woot woot! It has A Rocket To The Moon, The Maine, Hit The Lights, 3OH!3, and Family Force 5. I am going for The Maine, 3OH!3 and Family Force 5. This is also in Cleveland. I also want to do to the Believers Never Die razz art Deux tour for Fall Out Boy w/ All Time Low, Cobra Starship, Metro Station, and Hey Monday. Tickets aren't on sale yet but I'm hoping to get them. I wanted to also go to Warped this year cause the last 2 years, I've been busy. Cross your fingers! So look these bands up if you don't already like them smile ‚ô•shadowplay