gaia son journal 1/19

hewwo, my name is mafew (mathew) i am dis many (holds 2 fingers up)
daddy adopted me fwum de scawy house, and now i have a big bwothew and a daddy. wite now daddy and kody ow wookin on a speciow fingy vat i duno bout. now i pwobwy should telw you bout me. i wuv cudwy fings like dis ephalant and whawe. i wuv my diapews they vewy bwue wich is my favowite colow wike daddy. i awso wike maic dat daddy teaches me, awso my avowite food is, caviar encrusted on an escargo soufle ole hehe

uh-oh my diapews ow *sob* fiww (cries)

Wishy hey what are you doing...*sniff* oh god *sigh*