Another new avatar, so I'm being good and making another new journal post.

User Image
This was, pretty obviously, inspired by the new coocoon wings. I'm pretty happy with it overall, and it's always fun to use this shade of light yellow that I'm so fond of. The face is a bit different from what I'm used to, but it's not really a bad thing.

It's pretty rare that I'll very heavily revise an avatar, but this was one of those incidences. The avatar above initially started out as this:
User Image
While I like the textures in my "rough draft" a lot it ended up just feeling off balance and incomplete. I couldn't even manage to get any rates for it, which was discouraging.

Being discontent can be a good thing though, as the end result turned out much better. I'm especially happy that I got to use one of my all time favorite item combos with this: magic plains orb and shampoo bubbles.

The huge "a** tat" craze that's swept the AT today is pretty damn funny. I've seen trends in the forum before, but never something quite so huge. I want to participate, and yet I don't. It looks like fun, but backwards avatars really aren't my personal style. I try to make avatars that have a lot of personality, and look like an actual character, and doing so from behind seems like an almost insurmountable challenge to me.