gaia character journal 1/17

oh hi there, you will never guess what happened

well i was walking in the sorcery school courtyard with my friends silk,zeak, and opz when suddenly, poof! a magic wizard appeared

he told us to form a clan consisting of at least 4 squads, each led by a captain, to battle the evil forces that roam around gaia.

so we did, he then told us a stroy about, the knights of the rainbow, and how we were the next gen. of these heroes.

in which we decided to call ourselves The Knights of the Rainbow
he then teleported us to an island called Okysa which resides in another dimmension, this is OUR ISLAND NOW. to return here, he gave all a stone that had a stange blue emblem on it, all we have to do is say KNIGHTS OF THE RAINBOW! and were ther, and RELEASE to return where we used it

here are the squads

Aquapolista: led by me
Dreamlist: led by silk
Burnica: led by zeak
Zapica: led by opz

Okysa has mountains, forests, fields, beaches, Canyons ect.

the bases are located here

in the top west corner of the island is the Dreamalist castle

on the south beach is theAquapolis Temple

in the east canyon is where a bunch of tents Teepees totem poles and other tribal things are, this is the Burnica Tribal Ground

and in the mountains is a GIANT building, this is the Zappica Skyscraper HQ

well i gota get to recruitin, seeya

(to join knights of the rainbow, go here )