I came into money bought my cloud and sold it the same day. Maybe even the same hour. I know for a ******** fact I wouldn't do that with my vampire hunter hat once I get it because as an atheist with quite a few crosses to bear the cross to bear pose would kick a**. And be a nice exact opposite to my horns of the prince of darkness. Alternatively I could just use the pentagram hex thing to make me look more satanic. Whatever works. The yama no tamago I want less and it costs tons more so, that s**t probably ain't happening. I only want it for the drunken teenager pose. Fun fun fun.

In other news I deleted my signature. I don't think I'll ever grow a new one. Everyone ******** has one that I've ever seen. I may be alone in this but, I have nothing I need to repeatedly express with every post so, ******** IT. Also I feel more original regardless of how original I really am for this idea.