Time for another updates, kiddies!

So today Azzlyn, Christie and I had a wondrous time at the mall. Me and Azzy arrived a bit late, that being my fault of course, and we met up with Christie at the doors and immediately set off at walking around and browsing for things Azzy needed. We visited the jewelery store, where she got her necklace polished until it was glittering beautifully (and she was tempted to no longer sell it), visited a few shops and looked at junk, bought shoes for Brandon, and drank fancy coffees at The Teahouse.

Whilst we ingested referred coffee, we participated in doing tarot cards that Azzy recently bought at the table. For personal reasons I won't share the details of Azzy's fortune, but for mine I will say that it has been said that I will need to make a huge choice between deciding between my emotions or logic, there will be lots of struggles for me but I will get through them with dedication, and that I have been longing for a past memory that I need to let go of. It has also predicted that I will be soon (or perhaps eventually) be going through a wonderful and happy patch in my life, and that some reliable, kind stranger will come into my life, help me get through my problems, and we will fall in love, but I mustn't be too hasty about jumping into a decision.

... or so the gist of it.

Huuuuhhh, right?

That sure left me alot to think about, but then the tarot cards also told me not to worry and think too much, so!

I must say that reading fortunes is quite interesting...

Anyways, after that we went to Sears and I tried on pretty dresses and Azzy took pictures of me in them, and also a video where I am twirling like a retard and being clumsy. Then we went to Walmart for a very, very long time, although we also ate at McDonald's and talked about our plans for Anime North. I was promised Peanut Butter M&M's, but it was a lie. >.>

We were at the mall for like 9 hours. Holy s**t, right? So we were all pretty beaten out by the time we headed home, which was when the mall closed, ahahaha.

Let me tell you, it is. ********. cold. out. there.

Why is it so cold?!

I miss summer... I want to be able to walk everywhere I want again... urgh...

Anyways, I guess that's all for now. Tomorrow I'm going to hang with Gabriella, and then the rest of the weekend is Brandon's birthday and moar hanging with Azzy and Christie. I'm looking forwards to it. I think I'm going to go on Furcadia for a bit now, and talk to that crazy dude I met a few days ago. He was kinda cool I guess.