CHAPT.1)As i sit at home,unwilling to walk the path of life.I remain hidden inside frankly denying this state of depression,i hold inside my body and mind.Behind these weaving ribbons of words typed before this page,beyond what is usual or common even at a desperate of disbelief.I assumeasyou read you would think these thoughts concerning this telling,so it to my highr power of knowing if your first stage of thinking as well as commiting.To others show no pitty during the time you explain that my writting sucks.My drive isnt good or bad coments i maybe anyones ratingfs,but at first i couldnt come to any reason why i felt the need to begin to write.Untill or when such a depression of some sort collided with me.Come to think the beginning stages of my writting was long before i started hideing, the depression in me.