gaia character journal 1/14

i hope you all had a very merry xmas ans a happy new year, i've been on vacation for a while, so theres alot to talk about

first i got an A- on my project and became a dark mage, hooray for me

also it turns out that the elf working for santa was actually a 7 year old smart boy orphan, and it turns out i adopted him. so now i have a smart son, i named him Kody.

also i was in a winter play called the paper boy in snow, so i got to keep some of the props, the hat a nd the bat.

also for xmas i got dogs and a cell phone, woohoo

also i should tell you that i'm going to tell you about an iteresting story i'm reading in the next update which will be on friday

ok well me and Kody needa take the dogs on a walk