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Ori Tankajen
Born in the Valley, located at the bottom of Falcon Reach in the Earth Kingdom. His father was of the Fire nation, and his mother was of the Earth kingdom. This was uncommon but not unheard of. His father, who Ori adored, fled the fire nation to escape being recruited as a foot solidier for the Great War. Summed up, the Great War was the Fire Nation trying to gain new land to only be stopped when the other elemental nations formed an alliance against the fire nation and Air nomads. Since this man deserted his country, a curse was put upon his son. Ori did not learn of this curse until he fell fatally ill and grew an unnatural taste for blood. His curse was named, "Dremora's soul" because the Fire God Dremora was a very sadistic god with a blood asfictiation. Ori could never produce his own blood, so he had to take it from other things or people. His father made Ori a very special knife with hole in the blade to collect blood that would be stored in the hilt.
One day, his father was tracked down by the Fire Nation and killed. Ori pledged to avenge his father's death. Ori set out at the age of 10 and was soon caught and enslaved. Ori was to be put to death when the king's daughter, Princess Raven. She wanted that boy as a play mate and she admired how his red and green rimmed eyes that had a fire dancing in them. So Ori was sent off the the castle. Him and the princess grew quite close, becoming good friends. The king saw this and promoted Ori to become his daughter's body guard. Ori was taught in the martial arts and swordsmanship in order to protect the princess correctly. At the age of 13, Ori kissed the princess for the first time. They soon fell in love. not too long after that, like any greedy powerful man, the king of the fire nation engaged in battles with the Earth kingdom for land. Ori vollenteered himself as a messanger and became quite proficient at it. He loved this job; sneaking around, delivering important messages, and occationally killing people. The princess missed him dearly, as he dearly missed her. as they say: abstense makes the heart grow fonder. the battles ended and Ori and the princess started to become more public with thier relationship. They were quite the couple and some great poets of the Fire Nation wrotes odes and poems of thier love. Everything seemed perfect until Ori's 18th birthday. On his 18th birthday, Ori was to be enlisted in the army to fight. As much as he love fighting, especially for the nation he was growing to love as much as princess Raven... he suddenly felt an obligation to the family he had left behind almost a decade ago. tears were shed and hearts were broken as Ori said his final good byes. Ori set off aimlessly, knowing he could not return home but he could not stay in Dremora any longer.
Along the way, he would do odd jobs to keep himself surviving. then he hit rock bottom and found himself at the feet of a very notorious organized crime pirate, Captian Miles. This captian took Ori in and once he saw that Ori could fight, he immiediately put Ori into underground fighting arenas. Ori rose through the ranks and fought around the world. At one point, he was fighting one of Princess Raven's suiters but he killed him so the Princess was without love once again. Years passed and everything seemed to look up until Captian Miles was caught and Ori was brought down with him. These kinds of fights were only legal in the Earth kingdom and Fire Nation. Ori spent six monthes in a jail cell before leaving.
He wandered a bit more, becoming some what of friends with the Water God, Vivic, until he stumbled on a cute elven lady named Lina. They started out as thieving partners but soon became friends. The elf was to be wed to a king in Olan, a nearby water city and Ori helped her escape. Ori confessed that he needed to return to Dremora for some 'unfinished buisness' and wouldn't mind some company. she agreed to go with him. Along thier journey, sparks started to fly and by the time they made it to Dremora they were in love. Upon returning, Ori was greeted with open arms and an healing heart by the princess who was to become queen that very night. the night went on and Ori was named Archduke of Defense. The now-presently-queen Raven confessed her love and the elven girl felt she had over stepped her boundries and ran away. Ori chased after the elf and confessed his love to her. The elf has been by Ori's side since, along with contracting vampirism.
yakov Ezagi
A prince born in Falcon Reach

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