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A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far Far Away...
Greetings. My name is Miss-Emily Hamrick3399, but you can just call me Emily. In this journal, I will be posting up stories. I enjoy writing/typing them. I have been writing stories ever since I was in elementary school. I just LOVE to write. So I ho
Emily and John Chap. 2
Chapter 2

The next morning, Emily woke up to hearing her stomach growl. Emily raised her seat back up and started the car. As Emily kept driving, she couldn't find a place to get something to eat. At around 9:00, Emily was now very hungry. All the sudden, she saw a sign ahead. It said Whataburger. Emily pulled into the parking lot and pulled into the drive through.
After Emily got her food, she continued driving. At around 5:00 pm, Emily entered into Nashville, Tennesse. Since Emily has been to Nahville several times, she was kind of familiar to it, so she new where some of the hotels were. Emily pulled into the Holiday Inn parking lot. For a while, Emily just sat there, thinking. "Why am I here? In Nashville? This is the way my family would go whenever we go to North Carolina." All the sudden, Emily's eyes widened and ghasped. She hadn't realised that she was heading for North Carolina. It was like as if her body was controling her. Why was she even heading there?
All the sudden, she realised that she was following her heart. Her heart has been telling her to go to North Carolina, but why would her heart want her to go to North Carolina? Was it someone that she was gonna visit, or was it a place? After a few minutes of thinking, Emily got out of her car. She got her suit case out of the trunk and headed inside of the hotel.
Whenever Emily got inside, she checked in and went to her room. Whenever she got to her room, Emily went in and dropped her suit case on the floor. Emily then got on the bed and laid down. "Why am I heading to Norh Carolina? Its not even time for Ridge Haven to start." (Ridge Haven was a christian camp) After a few minutes of lying there, something just clicked in her mind. Emily's eyes widened. She was heading the direction where John lives! She was going to see John!
After a few minutes of admiring the thought, she got up. She picked up her keys and purse and left the room and locked the door. Emily went to the check out desk and told them that she would be back. Emily walked up to her Mustang and got in and drove off. " I need some chinese food." Emily thought to herself. After Emily enjoyed some chinese food, Emily headed back for the hotel. She checked back in and went to her room. Emily changed into her flimsy night gown and got in bed and fell asleep.
The next day, Emily got up and took a shower. Whenever she finished, she blow dried her hair and got dressed. She added some make up and then she packed up her suit case. She made her bed quikly, just to make the cleaning ladie's life more easier, and then she walked out of her room. Emily paid the lady at the front desk and checked herself out. She walked up to her car and got in, and she drove off, heading to see the one she loved with all her heart.

A/N:So...What do u think? I hope u enjoyed this chapter. The third is supposed to get better. Pls leave a comment ^^
Miss-Emily Hamrick3399

Miss-Emily Hamrick3399
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    commentCommented on: Mon Feb 02, 2009 @ 09:12pm
    woah. i do't know you but this chapter is really good.
    i have two words that you should follow or at least hear.

    commentCommented on: Thu Feb 12, 2009 @ 10:04am
    damn thats hella bomb
    i love it
    and i love that you write, cuz i write too
    XD heart

    DJ CJK
    Community Member
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