Last week me and my use to be friend got in to a fight. It was a very long fight. This all started because she said something that got offensive and though it was pretty funny. She had to diecided to bring all of my firends into the middle of it. We had fought all of last week and i didnt tell her why i was mad at her so she got mad at me for not telling her why. Now we're no longer friends anymore and she keeps tring to start things with me and my friends.She is not a really good friend. To discribe her she's pretty much very thing bad that you can thing of and its the same with her parents. They all act like they're 3 years old and thats pretty bad since 3 year olds act better then they do. rolleyes
lovely Blue Dragon: Hello, I'm actually one her friends in school in real life, (Though I'm not the friend she fighting with now) I'm writing in here cause I've not much else to do (And because Alice cullen26 said i could). my opion in the fight is I'm sorta stuck in the midddle because one day i come back to school and there saying there not friends anymore, not that i can complain sense I've has my share of fights with that person. i'm not sure If the fight will stay or not it might rolleyes and it might not sweatdrop you never know.