Chapter 1
Emily was driving down the dark road, tears rushing down her cheeks. Her blondish brown hair blew in the wind as she was driving her mustang. It was now midnight. Emily got into a huge fight with her parents.
-flash back-
" I don't get it! Why can't I have any contact with John?! He is not a bad person! Why can't y'all trust him?!" cried Emily "Because he could be a predator!" shouted Emily's dad angrily "Your dad is right. He could be some predator" Emily's mom interrupted "You are to not talk to him! And that's the end of the discussion!" roared Emily's dad
Emily ran to her room and slammed the door shut. She hadn't talked to John in one year. Emily dug through her closet and got out her suit case.A few minutes later, Emily finished packing. Emily grabbed her purse and suit case and left her room. Her parents were in the living room still talking. "Since I don't want to follow ur rules, I'm leaving." said Emily Her parents looked at her. "Fine! Go ahead and leave! We don't care!" shouted Emily's dad angrily
Tears ran down Emily's cheeks. Emily ran to her car. She threw her suitcase in the trunk, then got in the car and drove off.
-end flash back-
Emily continued to drive until she was extremely tired. Emily pulled into a deserted parking lot. Emily turned the car off and laid her seat back. And she fell asleep.

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