Hmm.. just another Gaia day XD
I'm questing for a halloween outfit, so i was browsing a lot of stores. I came up with an idea for a "dark mistress"-y outfit. I'm buying a dress. YES, a dress. somehow, my character always has a dress on, oh well.

Let's see, these are the things i need to gather up before Halloween so that my costume is complete : . ]

Felicia's Wise Gown
Jolly Boots
Elegant blue Gloves

and maybe.. if you're nice, could you maybe try to help me get a ballerina circlet? Even though that's not necessary : ]

That's my halloween costume. The total cost of all of the items put together is 4750g.

I currently have about 1k as of today, october 17.

I'll keep on updating to let you know how much i'm raising. Updates will be put in my siggy also. <3 :hart: