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In the past, this wouldn't be here.

Sieko Desert Demon
Community Member
Game list trying to get it all into one small area.
Starting with my collection with the Sega Master System, up to two players, mostly black, up to 4 megabytes of gaming fun sweatdrop controllers had start/select a/b and a d-pad (directional pad)
Afterburner: Sega Master System, seemingly 1 player or just remember one player, you fly an F-14 or a plane that is very similar to that one and you blow things up as you go along. , Review: can be fun as long as you don't mind no story sweatdrop
Hang On: Sega Master System, just remember 1 player sweatdrop , more or less you are on a motocycle, Review: probably one of the few racing games I would play willingly
Thunder Blade: Sega Master System, again can only remember one player sweatdrop , more or less you are in a helicopter blowing things up, Review: kind of like After burner but in a helicopter
Time to go onto NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)
cartiage based system up to two players, maybe eight if you had the giant running pad sweatdrop controllers were as simple as you got them, similar if not the same as the Sega Master System's controllers

Captain Skyhawk- NES, remember one player, more or less like an improved After burner, Review: can be fun though memories of frustation are also there...
Castelian- NES, two players I think, can't remember, review: can't remember game so can't review
Dragon Spirit The New Legend: NES, one or two players, you take on the form of a dragon and go through stages vague story lines I can remember Review: good fun...
Final Fantasy: NES, one player four characters, its an RPG and with the option of choosing and naming your characters its somewhat different from most of the other Final Fantasy games, Review: Can be fun
Guerrilla War: NES, one or two players, its a shoot'em up type game, you are one of two characters (if two player) and you basically kill allot of people to take down some sort of "evil" person at the end, Review: good ice breaker
Jackal: NES, one or two players, again shoot'em up, this time you are in a jeep and its harder then Guerrilla War, Review: one of my favorite games when the NES was hot, its still one of my favorites
Jaws: NES, one player, go head to head to the killer shark, review: it was fun though there were long moments
Lazer Invasion: NES, remember one player, shoot'em up, more or less you blow things up, review: memories of frustation flow like flooding toliet.
Life Force: NES, one or two player, shoot'em up from side point of view, you go around blowing things up more or less, Review: can be fun... bring a friend.
M.C.Kids: NES, one or two players, Mcdonald's had a game... this was it, you are one of the mc kiddies who is in Ronald's tripping world..., Review: Frustation and confusion ahoy
Megaman 3: NES, one player, Megaman must stop more evil robot masters, Review: it can be fun
Megaman 4: NES, one player, Megaman must stop another group of evil robot masters, Review: again it can be fun, more features were included I think
The Little Mermaid: NES, One player, you are the little mermaid, Review: twas ok
Ninja Gaiden: NES, One player, ninja action..., review: didn't really get into this game
Robocop 2: NES, one player, Robocop..., review: like ninja gaiden, didn't really get into it
Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt: NES/NES, One Player/One or Two player, First super mario game/you shot things, Reviews: Ok/Fun, kill the dog?
Super Mario Bros 2: NES, remember one player, the return of mario along with a few new friends, Review: twas ok, not really me
Super Mario Bros 3: NES, One or two players, another super mario game, more things were included, review: probably the best one in my opinion
Super Team Games: NES, One to Eight players, sport type game, you basically compete in sport games for a chance of victory, Review: good for retro gaming parties/ice breaker if people don't mind running
Talespin: NES, one player, based off show, based off show, Review: doesn't remember playing it
To The Earth: NES, One player (might be two), shooter, you go on this flight through space and blow things up, review: didn't do well on it
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: NES, One player, based off show, you do things slowly working towards finishing it, review: seemingly long
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhattan Project (I have two cartiages of this one): NES, one or two players, based off the series kinda, you play as one of the four turtles Leo, Raph, Don or Mike, Review: it can be fun, invite friends
Yoshi: NES, one or two players, think like tetris but with a yoshi theme... and you got it, review: not much time spent on this game.

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Sieko Desert Demon
Community Member
comment Commented on: Sun Oct 23, 2005 @ 07:18pm
Time for the SNES games (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)
the console, had a power/reset and eject button
had two ports
E.V.O Search for Eden SNES, One player, you are a lifeform that evolves through time to accomplish certain goals and tasks and you can choose what you have added or taken off you, feels like an action RPG to some point, review can be excellent fun
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest SNES, One player, Some people choose to ignore this final fantasy game just because its old or that it can be rather "stale" at times though it it can be fun.
Final Fantasy III SNES, One player (two is avaible but limited to altering control of characters in battle), This one has Kefka, Review one grand game
Metal Combat Facon's Revenge SNES, One or Two players, shooter fighting game with mecha, Its like fighting in a mecha with all the fun twists and turns of being inside the mecha and shooting the target (with super scope 6), Review tis ok, not my style
Mega Man X SNES, one player, tis the first of the x series, Review twas fun when I first picked it up
Sim City SNES, One player (from what I can tell), The first one and the one that I'm more likely to play, Review like this one better then Sim City 2000/3000/4
Star Fox SNES, one player from what I can tell, you are fox mccloud, review not bad for trying to bring the world 3d games sweat
Super Mario Kart SNES, one or two player, you are one of the racers, review old school fun...
Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars SNES, One player, RPG, Geno!! Review one of the best games I've played through my life.
Super NES Super Scope 6 SNES, One or two players, Stuff to do with super scope 6, review there are fun little games in this one.

comment Commented on: Sun Oct 23, 2005 @ 07:20pm
Next would be Sega Genesis
Cartiage based system with power/reset buttons
two ports
Battletech A game of Armored Combat Genesis, One or Two player (offering cooperative play), kind of like mech warrior, review not terrible thrilling but not grossly boring either
Cyborg Justice Genesis, One or Two player, you are a cyborg who kills other cyborg (with/without a friend), review fun with friend though we had trouble getting sound
The Lion King Genesis, One player, you are simba..., review not my type of game
Sonic The Hedgehog III Genesis, one player or two players (tails), sonic's third game, Review twas fun
Sonic & Knuckles Genesis, one or two players (tails), This game can be connected to a previous sonic title or left by it self for fun, Review Why does no one remember hyper Sonic or the other hyper forms?

Sieko Desert Demon
Community Member
Sieko Desert Demon
Community Member
comment Commented on: Sun Oct 23, 2005 @ 07:24pm
Following up would be the Sony Playstation,
General color for these were gray, had 2 ports for controllers and two ports for memory cards, one expansion port (looked like a parallel port
has power/reset and open buttons
Air Combat PS, one or two players, you are a pilot who shoots down enemy craft and other things, Review tis ok
Ace Combat 2 PS, One or two players, again a pilot who shoots down enemies, review twas ok, different approach but ok.
Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere PS, One or two players, you are a pilot but now you are in the future, review probably my favorite Air combat game on the PS, not PS2.
Armored Core Masters of the Arena PS, One or Two players, mecha type of stuff, if you've played one of the other ones you get the general grip of these games, review twas fun way back when though seems outdated and classed by modernized Armored core games
Assault Rigs PS, one or two players, tanks and shooting,review just ok
Azure Dreams PS, One player, one of my favorite RPGs, more or less you go into a tower where you can get a monster egg and slowly raise it up while living out certain things in town, review I liked it along with allot of the people around me as well though I wish there was more to it or a sequel
Breathe of Fire III PS, one player, twas a fun RPG for a while, Review I enjoyed it more then other things.
Chocobo's Dungeon 2 PS, One player, don't make me remember, Review my mind is melting...

comment Commented on: Sun Oct 23, 2005 @ 07:27pm
Crash Bandicoot Warped PS, one player, its crash, review decent enough.
Contra Legacy of War PS, one or two players, its just another contra game, Review good with a friend, lonely without one
Dark Stone PS, One player, RPG ish, ...
Digimon Rublme Arena PS, one or two players, fighting digimon, review fighting game + digimon = this game
Digimon World PS, one player, semi-rpg ish, review you have one digimon and you try to help on this quest, just the two of you
Digimon World 3 PS, one player, semi-rpg ish, review this time you can have up to three/a team of three to take down most
Epidemic PS, one player, action/mecha, review ...
Eternal Eyes PS, One Player, RPG, there's a story, review I didn't get that far on this one
Final Fantasy VII(7) PS, One player, RPG, considered to be one of the best if not the best RPGs to have been made, Review thus far little has been done to tarnish this grand game
Final Fantasy VIII( 8 ) PS, One player, RPG, considered to have failed the hype, Review fine game with some grand story but twas the hype's fault that it sunk

Sieko Desert Demon
Community Member
Sieko Desert Demon
Community Member
comment Commented on: Sun Oct 23, 2005 @ 07:28pm
Final Fantasy Chronicles PS, One Player, RPG/Action RPG, two disks, one is Final Fantasy IV (4) and the other is Chrono trigger, both are great games especially from the time they were from. Review two great games one package...
Final Fantasy Tactics(Holds two copies of this one) PS, one player, Strag.. twas a grand game, still is, can be fun, review a enjoyed game through and through.
Front Mission 3 PS, one player, Strag., Another great game... plenty of story to go around as well. Review great game
Gundam Battle Assault PS, one or two players, fighting, think mobile suits fighting it out, review was great when it first came out
Gundam Battle Assault 2 PS, one or two players, fighting, like the first one but with more choices, review twas good
Legend of Mana PS, one or two players, Action/RPG, somehow fits into the Secret of Mana line, Review I found it somewhat boring
Megaman X 4 PS, one player, Megaman, review ok
Megaman X 5 PS, one player, megaman, review ok
Megaman Legends PS, one player, megaman RPG, review I rather enjoyed it
The Misadventures of Tron Bonne PS, One player, opposite side of megaman RPG, review I enjoyed it

comment Commented on: Sun Oct 23, 2005 @ 07:29pm
Monster Rancher PS, one player, Sim, raisin' monsters, review I liked it
Monster Rancher 2 PS, One player, Sim, Raising monsters, Review like the first one but with more monsters.
N.Gen Racing PS, one or two players, flight sim, you race planes the way cars race on the ground... fast, review was a decent game for it s price
Robo Pit PS, one or two players, mecha, you build and fight as your robot, review enjoyed this one alot
Robo Pit 2 PS, one or two players, mecha, more parts and a story it seemed, review twas ok though a bit confusing
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis PS, One player, horror/zombies, fun stuff, review I have both NTSC and PAL versions sweat both make me feel like I should watch more horror
Suikoden PS, one player, RPG, review was fun
Soul Blade PS, one or two players, Fighting, the base for soul calibur, review they shouldn't have removed Li Long
Tomb Raider II PS, one player, its tomb raider..., review . . .
Threads of Fate PS, one player, RPG, story from two points of view... Review ok
Wild Arms PS, one player, RPG, old western feel to it, review I rather enjoyed this one

Sieko Desert Demon
Community Member
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