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Moon Monkey's Journal
Moon Monkey!
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When I was 7 I use to draw a lot until I came up with a character called "Moon Monkey." He look kind crappy when I was little, but over time it got better. Moon Monkey is a super powered monkey with the ability to summon his sword out of thin air. [I did that so i wouldn't have to continue drawing him with a sword all the time]

User Image
( This is Moon Monkey I drew this when i was 14)

Not only can Moon Monkey summon a sword at will out of thin air, but he can also fire a energy blast when he says the words "Moon Blast" [All of his Brothers and sisters have that ability saying their appropriate name] Later on something happens that i won't bore you with that he can just use the blast with out saying the cheesy battle cry.

User Image
( This is Moon Monkey using the Moon Blast on Normal Riarahs [There is more about them later on] I drew this this when I was 11)

I ended up making some kind of cheesy comic out of Moon Monkey. Where Moon Monkey is one of the babies of two astronaut monkeys. I won't bore you how, but something happened and he is stranded on this island called Jaradi island separated from his family. He later on meets his two friends "Star Monkey" and "Swat".

User Image
( This is Star Monkey. He is one of Moon Monkey's brothers. He keeps his identity hidden from Moon Monkey for quite a while. Until Moon Monkey finds out when he finds the rest of his brothers and sisters. I made this when i was 7.)

Now Star Monkey was originally with the rest of Moon Money's brother and sisters ,but Star Monkey is on exile from the rest of his brothers and sister because of his "condition". When a Solar eclipse occurs Star Monkey transforms into a his alter ego Solar-Eclipse Monkey. Where he has very little controls of what he does.

User Image
( This is Star Monkey in his solar eclipse form. His sword looks like pure fire at first site, but turns into a solid object when collided. I drew this when i was 12.)

Moon Monkey also has that "condition" with a Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon and Blue Moon. As they go through changes so do their swords.

User Image
( The first sword to the right is the "Moon Sword". Next to that is the "Star Sword" [Which surprisingly belongs to Star Monkey] Then comes the "Sun Sword" or the "Solar-Eclipse Sword". Next to that is the "Full Mon Sword" [I'll Try to update this picture with more swords for the Lunar Eclipse, Blue Moon and all of Moon Monkey's brother and sister's swords.])

Moon Monkey's other friend is Swat. Swat looks like a over-grown mutated house fly. He is from this civilization of mutated flies just like him called Flyarians. [ I was so creative when i came up with that. Me an my sarcasm.]

User Image
( This is Swat. Swat lives in Flyaria as one of the royal guards for the queen of Flyaria. This I drew when I was 9 or 10.)

Moon Monkey has a lot of brothers and sister one from each of the planets of the solar system. They were stranded together while Moon Monkey was separated in the crash from them.

User Image
( All the way to the far left is Mercury Monkey. To the right of her is Mars Monkey. Next to him is Moon Monkey. Above him is Venus Monkey. Next to her is Jupiter Monkey and below him is Star Monkey.[ There is more but i drew them on another sheet of paper] I made this when i was 8.)

The main threat on the island are these ghost like snake like creatures called Riarahs. There are different types of Riarahs one for each element: Fire, Water, Electric, Nature... etc

User Image
(The top one in pink is the Normal, next to that is the Fire, then Water and Electric under the Normal is the Nature type [The ones in flowers are females the ones with thorns are males] next to the Nature is the Earth followed by the Ice then at the bottom is the Dark. I drew this when i was 13.)

Those Riarahs are generic people from that type. Each type of Riarah is ruled by their specific King or queen.

User Image
( The Normal Riarah King is in the center. The Fire Riarah King is to the right of the Normal. The Water Riarah Queen is to the left of the Normal. The Electric Riarah King is at the bottom [I made the Electric King kind of short now looking at this picture.])

I broken up the first part of my comic into sections [ I hate using seasons it sounds cheesy] section one is the encounter of the Normal through Thunder, and the Section 2 is the Nature through Dark. Moon Monkey actually faces the Kings and Queens and the Lord in the 3rd Section.

User Image
( The Nature Riarah Queen is to the far right. Next to her is the Earth Riarah [My favorite one, and yes those are diamonds on his body last time i checked a diamond is a rock... I think] Above the Nature Queen is the Ice Queen Riarah and under them is the Dark Lord Riarah [ Suppose to be the strongest out of all the Kingdoms]

After Moon Monkey has defeated all the kingdoms of Riarahs and another enemy that appears, a new enemy appears. [OoOoh that was so cliche] He meets this new monkey that is not apart of his family called "Klied". Klied is like a rival of Moon Monkey ever since he met him in Summer -set Villa [ I civilization filled with monkeys]. Moon Monkey and others find this new enemy in this abandoned secret military base. Klied is kind of dragged along into this wild goose chase. Moon Monkey nearly defeats the enemy and the enemy sets off the base's chemical self destruct trap. After getting separated in the base Klied finally catches up with Moon Monkey. On Moon Monkey's way out Klied chooses to attack Moon Monkey not knowing that the base is about to blow. Moon Monkey in a hurry pushes Klied down the stairs and escapes. The base blows up with Klied inside, Klied manages to survive the explosion and it has alter his appearance and gave him new abilities [Another cliche scenario]

User Image
(This is a picture of Klied who is on the right [after the military incident] I made this when I was 14)

Now I don't know if anyone else does this, but Klied fights with both a gun and a sword at the same time. He gets his guns and ammo from the abandoned military base [For those of you that wonder what happens if he runs out of bullets] He fights kind of "cheap", for example he is the type that would end a sword fight while he is chancing against by sticking the gun in between and shooting.

User Image
(Here is a pic of Klied fighting a swarm of Normal Riarahs. Drew this in Art Class not too long ago [When Riarahs die their eyes turn completely white] )

The monster from the abandoned factory name is "Experiment: V" I don't really have much pictures of him but i did find the cover page I made for that whole section

User Image
( This is just a the face of Experiment: V [It was just a cover page i didn't really want to draw his whole body]. He is just your typical lab experiment gone wrong. I drew this when i was 10 i think)

Looking back on this journal I probably over did it on the explanation. User Image Well here are some Other pictures:

User Image
(A picture of Kid Moon Monkey)

User Image
(Moon Monkey fighting Klied, Drew this when I was 7)

Hope you enjoyed it User Image

The Moon Monkey
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The Moon Monkey
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