I haven't been around for a good little while....yeah. I don't wanna call myself depressed or anything but I've been feeling kinda down. It's just...i dunno. Crap here at the house have me on end. I don't truley have the comfort of my boyfriend to keep me happy until I move out. I find it not to be fair. The first time I came out to them about being gay, they called a child psychologist to the house. Apparently, they thought i was having a mental moment. It turned out that this doctor was another one of their bible humping buddies. He was asking me all about " What kinda of guy am I into," Would i want to have someone who's "Over me, or Under me." He even asked me what kind of porn did i look at, and my mom blurted out "Beastality" to identify the furry stuff that i look at. it truely pisses me off about how they said that I was ruining their name (honor....) with how i talk about them and s**t. One would think that all a parent would want for their child, aside from a good education and good heath, is for their happiness wither the child was gay straight or bi. They even had the nerve to tell the psychologist all about how I claimed that I'm atheist. I hate religion, that's a fact, but my mom claimed that those who don't believe in God don't have a conciense and don't care about anyone but myself, not having any feelings of remorse...I thought about my mother being killed several times out of anger, but ended up feeling really bad later. I probably would be more openly gay and less serious about things all the time if my parents would just accept the fact I'm gay and wish for my happiness and stop trying to force their christianity bull crap on me. they also said that I'm not allowed to "exhibit these behaviors" until I'm grown and out the house. That to me, seems like they're intolerant and won't get over the fact that I'm not gonna be something that they expect for me to be. Currently they either act like i never told them or forgot completely. But i know. My mom and dad are hateful in their own way. My mom uses the word "f*****t" as a regular word in her vocabulary if the situation calls for it. Truth is no situation calls for it, only hateful people use words like those.....all i want is acceptance from my parents....why do parents intend on forcing the way they were raised on thier kids? They can only do it for so long and when the child starts to move away from what they want them to go, they think there's something wrong with the child, causing for disorder , possible hatred and everything to fume in the house... stare