So. I had a meeting with the school this morning. My VP gave me a flyer for adult school and said I could decide between that or coming back to regular school, but if I did adult school I would be earning my credits twice as fast and would be finished school in one year. I believe the choice here is obvious, so I'll be looking into it.

Oh, he also started an anime club in an effort to get me back to school. >.> I was like "Are you kidding? ... what." I thought no one liked anime in that school, but apparently 7 people have already signed up and are getting it set up. I suppose I will attend, for I am a super-nerd and could care less what will become of my social status. I bet I'll even get to play some D&D, if the people who join the anime club are the same people who were playing D&D forever ago.

Yeah, it sounds pretty fun.

I've been sitting here for the past few days, but I have made plans somewhat. Supposed to go to the mall sometime soon, and apparently I'm hanging with Chloe this weekend now.

I started a new character on Azzy and Brandon's server - you know, Kirin'Tor, my original server. Introducing, my new Blood Elf Rogue, Nali! I do love her so, for she is sexy. Azzy gave me some nifty stuff.

I lack a screenshot at the moment.

It was really nice to have the whole house to myself all day instead of waking up really late just when everyone is coming home. But I'm kind of tired. And my stomach gave me some problems this morning. I popped in on Azzy at like 10:00 and her and Brando were all groggy and stuff. XD So I left and made egg salad sandwiches at my house. Because that's what I do.

BUT YOU STILL HAVE MY PAPRIKA, AZZY!!!! >.> ... I always forget to pick it up.

Yay, I love my long stripe-y scarf...