Messenger_Of_The_Moon's Answers

1) What is my real name? Lauren.

2) What country am I from?
The UK.

3) How old am I? 20.

4) When is my birthday? Er .. June 20th? o.o;

5) What is the name of my daughter? Robyn!

6) What is the name of my sister? You have a sister? o.o;; s**t, I might remember you mentioning her once, too. Dx Um ... Angela?

7) What is the name of my partner? Tom!

8 ) Who donated me the biancamella? Hmm ... VitheVampire? I actually have no clue. ._.;

9) What would I consider my most random gift to someone? ... o.o Um. D:

10) When I was younger, what did I want to be when I grew up? A doctor? D:

11) Which celebrity am I most attracted to? Hmmm ... Hugh Jackman?

12) What was my favourite subject at school? *giggles at how Mozilla's spellcheck underlines "favourite" as spelled wrong* Um. History? I have a terrible memory. I think Zoey's killing me at this quiz. >_>

13) What is my favourite animal? o.o Elephant. Lulz, I don't know.

14) What is my favourite colour? Black. >_>

15) What is my favourite part of my body? Your .. hands? o.o

16) What colour is my hair? Brown, I guess. o.o

17) What colour are my eyes? Brown? D:

18 ) What is my favourite manga? o____o Um. Gravitation? ;D

19) Name one of my favourite films Dx Let's go with Pirates of the Caribbean.

20) What pets do I have? Umm ... two cats, a dog, and a pair of goldfish?

21) And what are their names? *snort* I'm not even gonna attempt this one.

22) Name one of my favourite foods Lasagna?

23) Whats my favourite month? January. o.o

23) Name something I could not live without You have two number 23s! And ... Robyn. :3

24) What was I going to go to university to study? o.o History. I may as well try to be consistent with my answers.

25) What is my favourite genre of music? Rock. >_>;;

26) What was I going to be called before I was born? Elizabeth

27) What do I consider my worst trait? Your leniency. :3

28 ) And my best? Your generosity.

29) What is my favourite drink? Cream soda!

30) Which Final Fantasy game is my favourite? Er ... XII! Though I've only played IV, on my GBA SP. >_>