Lord Angel of Shadows Answers

1) hmmm i think your real name is.... April

2) I think your form France

3) you look probaly 24

4) Dec. 13th

5) Robyn??


7) Tom...

8 ) Bob Marely

9) A box of honey combs

10) A fire Fighter

11) Jonny Depp, everyone loves Jonny

12) Starting fires behind gym class

13) a mongoose-dog?

14) purply-redish?

15) the squigly spooch!!

16) any color your imgenation wishes it to be

17) dark blue

18 ) BoBoBo-BoB0-B0B0B0

19) Inuyasha the movie

20) you have a tiger, a tucan bird, a Bee, and a Rabbit

21) Tony the tiger, Tucan Sam, Buzz Buzz the bee, and Silly Rabbit

22) chocolate

24) october

23) poop cola (okay this one is hard to explain just remember its from invader zim)

24) how to burn images into people's retinas

25) classical with a gothic twist

26) black betty

27) Pustolio

28 ) Peanut the puppet

29) red bino

30) Okay final fantasy VIII would probly be your fav, your more then old enough to have played it