Winners of the Dice Game:
Metamorphosis Lycanthropy
Messenger_Of_The_Moon x3
ii cookiiee x4
Puritey x2
Zoeylol x3
Tempress of the night
Crimson Cravings

Winners of the Bumping:

Messenger_Of_The_Moon x2
Metamorphosis Lycanthropy

Winners of the 1000 bumps competition:

1st Place - Winner of November Thank you Letter 2008 - Messenger_Of_The_Moon
2nd Place - Winner of 3000g - Tempress of the night
3rd Place - Winner of 1000g - Zoeylol

Winners of the Page Competiton:

First to post on page 350 - Winner of 1000g -Metamorphosis Lycanthropy
First to post on page 501 - Winner of 1000g - Zoeylol
First to post on page 600 - Winner of 1000g - Messenger_Of_The_Moon
First to post on page 700 - Winner of 1000g - Messenger_Of_The_Moon
First to post on page 800 - Winner of 1000g -

Winner of the Saxon Memorial Christmas Tektek contest:

User Image

by Zoeylol

Winners In The Christmas Item Giveaway:

18th December - Winner of the Cap A La Gingerbread - Tempress of the Night
19th December - Winner of the Carrot Nose - notashrimp16
20th December - Winner of the Spirited 2K7 Scarf - Mistress de Kaye
21st December - Winner of the Holly Candle - dumplingsareyum
22nd December - Winner of the Christmas Stocking - Zoeylol
23rd December - Winner of the Tiny Christmas Head-Tree - Trellioz
24th December - Winner of the Caroling Sheet Music - CindahElla

25th December - Winner of the full 2k8 carolling set - Puritey