The new year did not start off exceptionally well, but I'm certain that it will improve as it wears on. It's just about taking initiative and making it good, while avoiding things that would be painful. Easier said then done, I know, but if I have any resolutions it's that by the end of the year, I want a distinct shape of the future.

I spent New Years Eve at Emerson's house along with a few other people. Dustin was there with who I presume to be his new girlfriend, or will be eventually if not already anyways. I had known that he'd be there, but I was not expecting him to have brought someone with him, and I would be lying if I said that didn't send me for a bit of a spin. He was definitely very much into her, more then he had ever been with me really, and it was just a bit painful to watch, so I mostly immersed myself in my DS and tried to convince myself I didn't give a s**t.

Only succeeded somewhat.

At least she seemed like a nice person, really cool actually. I can see he likes her. He always liked types like her - tomboyish, tall, tough... Complete opposite of someone like me.

I had fun kicking everyone's a** in Soul Calibur, however. The poor people I subjected to facing me... the only person who really gave me a sound beating was Dan, and he wouldn't let me re-match. ;_; Emerson took a giant picture of everyone at the party at midnight, and I stood off to the side all awkward and such like normal. XD

Then I dragged Karlie off to Timmies to come have coffee with me, because I had wanted to go for coffee with someone and she is an interesting enough person to talk to. We ended up meeting someone I knew back in Elementary school, and holy s**t was he different. When he saw me, he asked if I was Brittany, and I actually spit abit of my coffee out. ( gross >.> ) it was just kinda shocking to have this big, tall tough looking guy know who I was.

It was fun reminiscing, and he even told me some stuff I had forgotten or never knew about things back then. Apparently I was just as shy back then as I am now, although I always remembered being a psychotic outgoing child when I was younger.

When me and Karlie got back to Em's, some people had left, namely Dustin, Laura, James, and Morgan. They had all gone to Dustin's apartment to get drunk. Truthfully I was incredibly relieved they (or at least Dustin) had gone, because the minute he wasn't around almost all my tenseness went away and I was able to enjoy myself. Of course I still played my DS, but I also chatted a mile a minute to Wes and Em mostly, and then played Warcraft III with Pat and Dan on a LAN connection. Dan, by the way, destroyed all of us completely every single time.

I was originally planning on walking home, but Em thought it was a bad idea to go out into the dark cold by myself, and suggested I stayed. So that I did, and I slept out in the living room with Wes and Pat, and we all talked until like 7:30 in the morning. That was fairly enjoyable.

... The next morning I was woken up by Wes stepping on me. >.> I tried to sleep some more but mostly failed. I got up and had a bagel and interacted with others slightly. I had a bad stomach ache at that point that had started while I was trying to sleep, so unfortunately I was a bit unpleasant after that. I saw a person I had never seen before though... Dave was it? Or something like that.

Anyways, Wes' brother gave me a ride home because it was cold and I felt shitty, and then I stayed home for the remainder of the night. And fell asleep so early! I actually woke up at 7:00 this morning... -.- I am shocked and appalled at myself.

I'm supposed to be going shopping with Azzy today, then afterwards I'm going to Mason's. I hope it'll be a fun time. I've been wanting to go shopping for ages, I have gift certificates to spend and clothes to buy! >.>

So this new year starts the same as any other day, but there are things I have contemplated and so the first philosophy of the year is born in my head while I shower and think as I always think.

As a person, you are not defined by what you do, but rather how you do things and how you look while doing said things. It doesn't matter what the attempt is, a person will be interpreted by the personality that shows through the actions. And that is why if two different people do the same things, there will be a different reaction for both of them even if the action itself is perfectly duplicated.

Attraction is a funny thing. We are more inclined towards people who display characteristics we like, as opposed to those who actually do the things we want.

And that, my friends, is how the cookie crumbles.

And now I am off to probably make lunch and perhaps begin to get ready for today's adventures. Until next time, chumps! ~