A sweet whisper in my ear. That's how you are to me. A whisper that calls my name so beautifully. We danced. Oh how we danced! Too shy to look into your ocean eyes, I looked down below to occupy myself with your feet. All senses gone. It was a miracle I was still on my feet moving! You kept me moving though. I honestly tried to see how you did that. I wanted to move smoothly with your body. To be moving as one. How you held my single hand. My shameful hand. Satiny smooth to the touch on the outside but stubbornly rough of calluses on the inside. But you held it so strong! Your arm raised my arm so high, it surprised it me. The dance seemed to last forever. I couldn't even count how many steps we took before it stopped. Why did we stop? I can't remember. Just the memory of you walking shyly away fills my mind. Your nervous eyes darted for a seat. But then, we spoke of idiotic ideas. Ideas of falling bands. Of falling music to perform with. The conversation seemed to go on forever also. How innocent you acted. Not the slightest whim from you but then, maybe, that was all that you were.