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Basically, whatever doesn't fit into my profile. -grins-
ART - OC Information, Samples, Gallery
    Feel free to comment here, or PM me with samples & prices. ^w^

    User Image|| The Little Princess ||

      Click for Gallery []
      Name: Erika fon Rosé
      Age: 15-16
      Hair: Pink
      Eyes: Blue

      Personality: Innocent, cute, playful, naive, positive, upbeat, optimistic, loves cute/pretty things, kitties, butterflies and can be rather childish. She's had a very sheltered life so she's got quite a bit of 'clueless-ness' about her.

      Outfit/Character Design Details
      → Main/Most Accurate References :: [] [] [] [] []; please keep in mind the following...
      → There should be a butterfly theme to her design. Meaning, she must have butterflies in the following areas: necklace pendant, earrings, bracelets, armlets, her hairclip/hairpin, the top end of her Staff, her kitten's collar, legwarmers, anklets, or shoe buckle design, belt buckle design.
      → Also, please add butterfly hairclips to her two front bangs, [example]. The butterflies should be blue or angelic blue; sort of like the Pixie, but...butterfly-shaped (this applies to all her butterfly accessories).
      → Her hair must be long; waist length or more. The style isn't set, but I'd prefer soft waves with curls at the end.
      → Please add ribbons to her design. Flowing, long ones. She must have a sash tied around her waist with a huge bow and trailing ribbons behind, but you're free to add more bows - suggested areas are the hair (twining through her hair), legs (wrapped around her leg), upper arms/torso.
      → Leg area is supposed to be legwarmers. I know there are a lot of different refs; please follow these for the legwamers: [x][x][x]
      → As much as possible, please draw her cat. <333 If you can't draw her cat, then please do her Staff. I'd very much prefer both; but at least one of the other is a must!!
      → The color scheme is pink, angelic blue, blue, and white.
      → Expression should be cute or innocent. xD Or both~

      History: She's a princess of a small, little known, and self sustaining, country who's always led a very sheltered life. Her parents have never let her outside of the castle walls so she's never got to experience or see what its like in the 'real world'. As such, she's got a very 'rose-tinted glasses' view of the world and is easily duped. Should be drawn at about 14-16 years old. If drawn older, she can be shown as somewhat more mature/grown up as she has to start learning how to be the next ruler of her kingdom.

    User Image
    || The Contessa ||

      Click Image for Gallery [] || [ no main reference yet ]
      Name: Viorica dé Soleil
      Age: 18
      Hair: Salmon Pink
      Eyes: Blue

      Personality: She has a very haughty and regal bearing, as she was brought up to be 'proper' and lady-like. Although she seems to be the perfect daughter for Count dé Soleil, she hates many aspects of her life, like how pretentious the gentry is, and because of this, has a lot of trust issues. In defiance of this 'norm', she is overly blunt when talking to others and often comes off as insensitive. She's very proud of her heritage and often will not pay any attention to those who she considers 'beneath' her because most are usually out for her money or title.

      Outfit/Character Design Details
      → Main/Most accurate references: [] [] [] [] []
      → Her theme is Sakura Blossoms so make sure they are in the following areas: necklace, earrings, bracelet, her parasol handle, hairpin/clip/twining through her hair, shoe design, hip-purse/belt, her skirt (as in a print/design on her skirt cloth).
      → Think Victorian when thinking of her design. Her clothes should be modelled after that period (long, full skirts, elaborate lace and trimmings and lots of ribbons and bows and ruffles. Keep in mind the narrow waist, low cut bodices, and full skirts of the day). Example of Victorian Designs - [][] This is just an idea of the STYLE, don't follow for colors, please.
      → The color scheme is salmon pink, gold, and white. The Sakura Blossoms/petals can be pink-pink but her hair and clothes should be salmon pink
      → There are a few optional headpieces/headwear for her to wear instead of the bonnet/laurels combination. Please make sure to change the colors to her color scheme, however. Basically, if you don't want to draw her in a bonnet, draw with a hat perched on top of her head with Sakura Blossoms on it/around it. Some examples/suggestions: [][][][]
      → [Good hair example]; it should be falling down one shoulder in ringlets. Obviously her hair must be colored salmon pink, not black like the reference. x'D
      → Her expression should show disdain or haughtiness. Please try to incorporate this into her design.
      → You can make her sexy/busty if you like, with a low cut bodice, since that was the style of dressing back then. xD It's not necessary, but it's definitely an option.
      → For poses, I admit this is rather limited, as she is a Countess, she is not going to do anything very unladylike. x'D I'd love to have one of her at a ball of some sort, like poised in the middle of a curtsey, or sitting down for a cup of tea, or taking a stroll in the extensive gardens around her father's mansion.

      History: She's the only child of Count dé Soleil and her mother died when she was very young. Although her father loved her, he didn't know what to do with her and she was largely brought up by stern governesses and basically taught to be the perfect daughter born of noble blood. Little is known about her among the gentry as she likes to keep to herself. She's known as the Ice Maiden because of her stand-off-ish ways. Most of this is because she doesn't trust people as she feels no one is sincere and it comes across as pride. She has no issues with her reputation because she doesn't want people to bother her and nothing would make her happier then to be left alone. Although she has many suitors (mostly because she is the sole heir of a large fortune), she scorns them all.

    User Image
    || The Angel ||

      Click Image for Gallery []

      Name: Asariel Cielo
      Age: Several hundred thousand years old; appears to be about 20-22.
      Hair: Pale aqua-tinged blue
      Eyes: Blue

      Personality: Serene, calm, mature, wise-ish air about her, more serious, thoughtful, contemplative demeanour. [note, please try not to have her look so 'cute. xD; Most of my references of her have a 'cutesie' feel to it, but she really has a more serious/somber personality.]

      Outfit/Character Design Details
      → Main outfit references: [] [] [] []; please keep the following in mind:
      → Shoes MUST be drawn like the Gift of the Goddess shoes, only BLUE with White wings instead of Gold. Shoe Reference: []
      → She has a Half-Moon Theme to her design. Therefore there must be half-moons in the following areas: Necklace pendant (mandatory), earrings, top end of Staff (mandatory), chain belt, charms at the end of her trailing scarf and anything else you can think of.
      → Be creative with her head items. I lovelove headwings, but if you can incorporate the half-moon theme into her hair, so much the better. ^^
      → Please draw her back wings big - they should be proportionate to her body and must be visibly big enough so that they actually look like they could bear her weight when she flies. I don't want backwings that look like they're fake/there just for show. Also, don't forget her leg-wings; although these can be small since they're there for decoration/aesthetic reasons. xD
      → Feel free to have a fantasy, angelic, anime-ish feel for this OC. Dynamic poses are loved. Some pose suggestions: [][][][][]
      → Her color scheme is blue, angelic blue and white. Please don't add gold (or any other color, for that matter) to her design. D; Although it's fine if it's in the background (eg. if she's sitting on a half-moon, the half-moon can be soft gold).

      History: Young angel-in-training who's only recently started foraying into the world of Man. She's someone who's seen some of the bad things in the world that have shocked her but at the same time made her realize that all is not as perfect as she once thought it was. She's caught between holding on to her old way of seeing things where everything is all black-and-white and between the truth that there are always gray areas in Life; between idealism and reality. Looks about 20-22 years old but is actually several hundred thousand years old [which is still young in Angel Years], so try to have that wise-beyond-her-years air about her if you can.

All Avatar Art Information, both Single & Couple, in next Journal Entry...
....Or, just click here.

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Community Member

Fri Jan 02, 2009 @ 04:14am

    I hope I get the chance to draw them all one day! <333333333333

User Image

Community Member

Fri Jan 09, 2009 @ 06:04pm

    Also, the shoe reference link for Asariel isn't working...
    Maybe the link is messed up a bit?

    I thought you might want to know that. <3

User Image

Community Member

Fri Jan 09, 2009 @ 07:31pm

O: Thank you, Ge~!! I fixed it. xD <333

Community Member

Fri Jan 16, 2009 @ 05:45am

So I may draw Viorica without the laurels and the biancmella thingers now right?

Community Member

Fri Jan 16, 2009 @ 08:56am

Uhmm... well I basically want an even distribution of gold, pink, and white everywhere. xD;;
So if you remove it, then incorporate the gold into something else? Like the bonnet can have a gold pattern... orrrr, I don't know... gold leaves twining through her hair in a sort of leaf crown? Orrrr.... -shrug-

IDK, you come up with something? xD I always adore the stuff you come up with anyway. <33333333

Esprit Jeune
Community Member

Sat May 16, 2009 @ 06:25pm

User Image
• • • guess who this is 9 u9 <3 • • •

adriana mule
Community Member

Sun Jul 26, 2009 @ 02:39pm

Awesome journal :3
So sweet <3

User Comments: [7]
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