I AM. SO HYPED ON SUGAR. and coffee. D: yeeessss

I have like.... 5 rockets!! I ate them though. Oh god, my hands ... are still a little frozen... it was coooold outside. But scarves are a godsend.

Okay so... me, Colin, Azzy, James, Wes, and Brandon all went to see Bedtime Stories at the moooovie theater. We originally planned to go to the 7:10 show, but when I got there (late I must say) apparently it was all sold out. So we stuck around the arcade/mall until the 9:50 show.

I went on a quest... for peanut-butter M&Ms! >.>

I think James and Wes got exasperated with how I kept running off. I'm just like that. (M&M's in here?! ... nope) Colin pretty much kept up with me where ever I went... except when I went into Ardene's for a bit. Mwha. XD

We finally found the M&M's at Shoppers! The victory cry I issued scared some lady browsing in the aisles, I think. But it's all good. :3

Oh, and I lost horribly to Colin in Air Hockey! Sucky reflexes not-for-the-win.

As usual James and Wes kept taking my DS and irritating me as such. ;_; Blegh, I don't want people messing around on my Pokemon file... not until I've played through the whole game at least once, and I just got it.

My Flash (Luxio) evolved while I was in Timmies, I was so happy. ^__^

That game is CONSUMING... so much addiction and fun... playing it on a portable is really so much better then downloading a ROM.


Technically it's now New Years Eve! And later on tonight, I will be attending Emerson's New Years Party, which I hope will be fun-fueled event in which I will be able to be joyous and such.

Oh no, the last rocket... I am eating it... >.>

Maybe I should play WoW. Or read Dr. McNinja. Choices, choices...

... why is this song so sad? I didn't want to pick a sad song! Blegh.

Bored now.