Journal of privet Richard J. Wallis
Normal Company
Falcon squad

It is been nearly a month since I have seen my home back in Kuna. We have been pined up here at Swan falls dam for nearly that long at any rate. Food supplies are keeping well, as well as our paint ammo. If I manage to get this out alive I should explain. First the world of the 21-century has plunged into crises. Every country, and continuant has nearly plunged into civil war over food, living space, and most of all... money. America split into two separate factions. Democrat, and Republic. Which decided to split the U.S. in to two, many other contorts saw the same and were doing the same so. The United Nations called representatives from all nations to participate in an emergency meeting; in short to prevent any hostilities on ether side they created School Wars, in which schools around the world you may fight a war with using a chip that will be inserted into the solders so that when a paint ball hits them, the color would be the caliber of the paint ball and the quarrel will be over the supplies of the world. None will come to harm and we will have settled this once and for all. (All weapons were turned into weapons). Which is where we come in. being that we did not want to join a universal army in our area. We were forced to fight for our selves. We fled to swan falls to where we have been trapped by 100Kuna militia with there being only 16 of us tomorrow will be a Slater.