After seeing the winners and number of comments they received, it's clear to me that there is a loop hole in the avatar arena system that can be exploited and is being exploited.

Say for example, you only receive 12 votes, but those votes are nearly all 5's where as someone else has 200 votes that vary wildly, then the avi with only 12 votes will win.

It's disproportional and clearly it can be exploited.

Example. Uses mule accounts on the last evening of voting, vote for your self 12 times at 5/5 and you stand a good chance of winning whereas someone who has 121 votes from real voters has more chance of loosing.

I've been watching the AA for a few weeks now and have been seeing this pattern.

Those avis that are good and work hard for their votes are loosing out due to the current poor voting system in place.

Until they fix it I am boycotting it.