I suppose it's about time I make that entry on Christmas.

This year was pretty good. Not emotionally mind you, but I was in pretty high spirits nonetheless. I got nearly everything I asked for.

- A brand new Nintendo DS in red and black (like my journal layout. It was seriously coincidence. XD My dad picked it out)

- 6 issues of Cardcaptor Sakura! (my favourite manga just about)

- Gift certificates and lots and lots of money

- Jeans and a shirt (That's all for now, but I will be shopping for the clothes I want soon)

- Chocolate! Lots of yummy chocolate! .... that later made me sick >.>

- Annnndd last but not least a WoW Card to renew my game time!

I didn't get any DS games to go with my DS. >.> My father told me to go buy my own. I bought Pokemon today with James and Wes. We two also watched Death Race, played Mario Party, and messed around with Pictochat and made some of the weirdest s**t ever.

Unfortunately I missed Boxing Day shopping due to the fact that I got terrible stomach pains on the day of due to a lack of sleep and too much chocolate. I'm a dumbass. XD

I have been a little bit better since Christmas, but every now and then I still have bouts of sadness when I think too much.

It's nice to get out and see people, though. I should make the effort more often. >.>