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Invading Your Mind
Harry Potter beats Twilight.
While the Twilight series may be immensely popular among teenage girls and a few middle-aged women, the Harry Potter series appeals to a much larger range of people. In terms of decent, quality literature, Harry Potter wins. Furthermore, Twilight contains serious issues that are never addressed.

Harry Potter has one thing that Twilight does not have, and that would be a plot. No, contrary to popular belief, Twilight does not have a plot. One could say that the plot of Twilight is the trials and troubles of Edward Cullen's and Bella Swan's relationship; however, they have no troubles. Yes, someone could also say that the plot of Twilight is James trying to harm Bella. However, that issue does not appear in the book until it's halfway over. The sad fact is that Twilight does in fact have no plot. Harry Potter, on the other hand, does have a plot; in fact, it has subplots as well. It is about an orphaned wizard, named Harry Potter, who is prey to the dark Lord Voldemort. Harry must survive a new school, Hogwarts, and the attacks Voldemort sends to him. Each book in the Harry Potter series has its own plot, but they all tie together with one main plot. The books of the Twilight series, however, really don't have any main plot that ties them together. The plot of a book is one of the most important things in a book; in fact, it could even be called the most important thing in a book. Twilight lacks one.

While that may be the main problem with Twilight, it is, sadly, not the only problem. Good characters also play a big part in a good book. A good author can create characters that are three-dimensional, have pros and cons, and develop one way or the other. JK Rowling did this wonderfully with her characters. No one was left behind in the development; she didn't throw aside her minor characters in order to showcase the main ones. Also, Rowling created a character whom most people utterly hate. Her name is Professor Dolores Umbridge. Many people don't hate this character because she is poorly portrayed; in fact, it's quite the opposite. This character is well portrayed. She is very good at what she does, which is manipulating and controlling. However, it are those same qualities that make her a hated person -- both in real life and in the book. While Twilight does have a character who is manipulative and controlling, {an issue which will be addressed later}, those qualities are never brought to light. Edward Cullen is portrayed to be the perfect person, and he is. The many flaws he possesses never cause him harm in any sort of way. Edward Cullen is a flat, boring character. Bella Swan is also a flat, boring character. They are both characters onto whom the readers can insert themselves and their crushes. They have no personality outside of that. Stephenie Meyer also seems to not care about her minor characters because their main purpose is pretty much only to make Bella and Edward appear superior to them. In Harry Potter, the characters develop throughout each book. They grow. However, in Twilight, the characters stay the same all throughout the series. The characters in the Twilight series are inferior to the characters in the Harry Potter series -- plain and simple.

If those two things are not enough, Twilight also lacks in research. Stephenie Meyer's vampires couldn't be anything less than vampires. Truly, the only things she took from the legends and myths were that vampires are immortal, pale, and drink blood. Vampires do not sparkle in the sun; they die in the sun. Vampires have a multitude of weaknesses, unlike Meyer's creatures who can only die once they are cut up and burned. Yes, vampires are fictional creatures. No, that does not give the author a free ticket to completely change them. One cannot take a spider-like creature and call it a unicorn. That would be illogical and an insult to the myths. It was very brave of Meyer to attempt and change vampires and contribute to their multitude of legends and types, but it was a failed attempt. Meyer, an amateur writer, was not ready to take that strong risk. Rowling took legends and myths and added her own little twists to them. For example, wizards and witches don't just know how to use their magical abilities. Instead, they must learn how to hone the power they posses. They can't just use any wand; they must use a wand which fits them. The wand chooses them; they don't choose the wand. While Rowling didn't take a big leap of faith, she still came out on top in the mythology department.

Lastly, the Twilight series has many issues which are never fully addressed. Many of these issues are centered around the love interest, Edward Cullen. Edward Cullen is manipulative, controlling, abusive, and downright creepy. It is obvious that people like him purely because of his looks. If he was described as looking his age, which is around 108, people would not be saying how romantic his relationship with a 17 year old girl is. To add on to that, his stalking of Bella is not romantic. Instead, it is very creepy. There's more, though. Sure, Edward wasn't physically abusive at first. {However, in the fourth book, he became that. Bruises after sex are not normal. His apologizing does not make them any less wrong.} He is emotionally and psychologically abusive. He manipulates Bella into believing that humans are worthless. He plays a big part in making the already introverted and isolated Bella Swan even more introverted and isolated towards her human friends. Then, he leaves her without a word. While that may not have harmed her physically, it certainly harmed her psychologically. Finally, Edward is controlling. The main example would probably have to be in the third book; in this book, Edward does not want Bella to go visit her friend, Jacob Black, who also happens to be a werewolf. Because of this, he takes out the engine in her truck so that she can't go see Jacob. He made a decision for her when it was not his place to do so. While these issues and more are present in all of the books, they are never addressed. That is seriously wrong. Probably the most serious issue in Harry Potter is a family member abandoning his family. Percy Weasley abandons his own family in order to pursue a career in the Ministry of Magic. This issue is not only addressed, but it grows into one of the many subplots of the books. The same cannot be said for the issues in Twilight, however.

The sad fact is that Twilight is nothing more than a beach read. The books will never be decent, quality literature. While Harry Potter is definitely not the best work of literature out there, it is far superior to Twilight. Harry Potter has a plot, good characters, good fantastical elements, and issues which are actually addressed. Twilight lacks all of those things. Therefore, no matter how many fans the Twilight series has, it will always be inferior to the Harry Potter series.

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_l- f e r m a t a -l_
Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Jun 10, 2009 @ 05:54am
Bravo~ it has restored my hope.

commentCommented on: Thu Jun 18, 2009 @ 05:55am
Right click I like it..
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Pistol Kiss
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Epic Kittehsaurus
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commentCommented on: Tue Jun 23, 2009 @ 06:15pm

commentCommented on: Sun Jun 28, 2009 @ 10:08pm
Agh, just forget about Twilight completely.

I wish I had all of the series. Harry Potter changes as the series goes. I've seen all of every part once, and I only have the first. So, I might be wrong with what I'm about to say. As the series continues, it changes to a more action-like idea.

Whatever you think, go ahead and tell me.

Celestius Nexus
Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sat Jul 11, 2009 @ 06:33pm
Bravo, absolutely brilliant. biggrin

commentCommented on: Mon Jul 11, 2011 @ 07:31pm
Completely agree! heart

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