Haha ******** the last boyfriend i got myself a new one! he treats me way better, and he makes every moment count...i just love him!.
Well that relationship only lasted 4 months, this new one well its been going for 3 months..almost 4 months!! it was great the first month then things got complicated!! and they still are!! i really do LOVE this guy but ah he never listens to me he never likes talking to me anymore i feel invisible, i feel like i don't matter to him anymore..everyone was right!!! he was right!! he said nobody wants to see us together and its true, nobody does!! they see how much they hurt me and those who think i'm a b***h to him (i'm not a b***h to him they just think i am for no god damn reason) well they don't know the real story behind us. if they did they'd regret ever saying any s**t about me. god all the guys i know cause so much drama its sad!! really sad!! its like a bunch of girls!!.