Here is a new journal to update over the depressing hatred of the last one. Also, introducing the new journal layout! I got tired of pink and white. Enjoy the almost complete opposite style of red and black! ... Hurrah!

Life isn't very enjoyable right now. I lament the series of events that have led to being extremely unhappy around Christmas. There is really nothing I can do about them, though.

Maybe some kind of miracle will happen within the next two days that will make me extremely, extremely happy and joyous. That'd be wonderful.

In the meantime I have been sitting here alot and drooling all over my keyboard. (not literally) Getting out somewhat sparingly but mostly not. Reading passed some of my time but now I'm done my book. It was a good book, too. >.>

I am torn between laziness and desire to get out and see others. Today will be, afterall, my last day until Boxing Day to really go out and see anyone. Boxing Day should be fun though, since I'll have money in which to shop for others (and myself.)

Unfortunately (but fortunately for the others) one person has been cut off my shopping list... it leaves more to spend on the others' gifts, though..

Mmmhm chocolate. I hope I get lots of chocolate for Christmas. *_*

Maybe I should play A Link to the Past now. I'm currently in the Dark World, not that it was any hard at all to get there. XD I do dearly love my Zeldas...

And to answer your question, no, I STILL have not beaten Twilight Princess. Maybe I should make it a resolution to beat it before the New Year is out. I barely ever touch the console games! But I asked for a DS for Christmas. I'd probably use that alot, alot more since it's hand-held and oh-so-handy for bouts of boredom when outside!

It'll be lovely for the summer. To go outside into the great outdoors, find a nice spot under a tree, revel in the warm breeze and ... play vidyagames.

Oh technology how I both love and rue you.