Once the 100o bump contest has finished on my thread, I am thinking of doing a quiz....on me!!!!!!!! Entrants have to answer in seperate posts, and once finished will recieve a little something

Then, when the quiz is over, the one with the nearest amount of correct answers wins the main prize...I'm thinking maybe 10,000g but I'm not sure yet sweatdrop

Anyway, I'm going to work out what questions I'll have here. These are subject to change.

1) What is my real name?
2) What country am I from?
3) How old am I?
4) When is my birthday?
5) What is the name of my daugther?
6) What is the name of my sister?
7) What is the name of my partner?
cool Who donated me the biancamella?
9) What would I consider my most random gift to someone?
10) When I was younger, what did I want to be when I grew up?
11) Which celebrity am I most attracted to? xd
12) What was my favourite subject at school?
13) What is my favourite animal?
14) What is my favourite colour?
15) What is my favourite part of my body?
16) What colour is my hair?
17) What colour are my eyes?
1 cool What is my favourite manga?
19) Name one of my favourite films
20) What pets do I have?
21) And what are there names? wink
22) Name one of my favourite food
23) Whats my favourite month?
23) Name something I could not live without
24) What was I going to go to university to study?
25) What is my favourite genre of music?
26) What was I going to be called before I was born?
27) What do I consider my worst trait?
2 cool And my best?
29) What is my favourite drink?

And finally

30) Which Final Fantasy game is my favourite?

I will try and think of more when I can...if anyone has any suggestions for questions, just throw them my way and I shall consider them! heart