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Warning: Extremely Long Part

~~The Oathlands~~
[The morning air is crisp and cold... It is still dawn... The sun is barely rising... Celebi sits in the grass, watching the sun...]
Celebi: Safa... Sure is nice out here... (This place is different from The Pokemon World or Mobius... It's not as populated... This world is very nature-magical... Aside from the Eclipses, this world is also powered by other objects like the Time Gears and Chaos Emeralds, which Naught stole... The Ancient-Growths... Enormous trees that have been around since this planet began... Their roots are said to connect with the core of Safa... And they can be seen from space... A magical phenomenon...)
[Sunrise is still going...]
Celebi: I should get going... No time to waste. [Celebi hovers in midair, and begins toward the town downhill...]
~~Oathville~~{Safiri's Troubles, Ethereal Cross.}
[It is quiet... Celebi is floating just on the edge of the town. It is a small, circular village. On the outside, it's almost empty... But Safans prefer living underground...]
Celebi: (This whole place may seem desolate... But it's an underground city really... I can imagine that most of the townsfolk are just waking up...)
[Suddenly, three Nightmares ascend from a puddle of shadows... They're aligned horizontally.]
Celebi: [Surprised, he flails back.] What the!? ...It seemed so peaceful.
[These Nightmares are much different... They are animal-like. One is shaped like a bear, another like a coyote, and the last like a chimp. They're eyes are shining with no color; white. It simply means that they can be defeated without the use of any elements, but Light is always effective.]
Celebi: Safan Nightmares... The Shade, Daniel, used these... They're a bit harder than normal Nightmares, but luckily, no element is needed...
[The three charge Celebi. He quickly jolts upward, avoiding all of them. From his aerial position, he makes a move...]
Celebi: Razor Leaf! [A gust of wind blows serrated leaves around Celebi, and then toward the coyote Nightmare. They slice through it, and it disappears in the air...] (That's new... how did I do that...?)
[The chimp Nightmare leaps into the air and strikes Celebi down.]
Celebi: [Hits the ground rougly...] Ouch! Erf... [Recovers.] Not cool. ... Hmm... [The chimp charges.] !! [Jolts to the side, barely avoiding the blow. he doesn't realize that the bear Nightmare is right on top of him.] Phew... Huh...? [Turns around. The bear is towering over him. It swipes Celebi, sending him through the air until he can recover using only his wings...] Urgh... [Soars at the bear.] Leaf Storm! [The wind around him picks up, and numerous empowered leaves are carried in his flight. They shoot at the bear Nightmare, disintigrating it...] Two down, one to go... [Turns to the chimp Nightmare. It begins jumping around aggressively.] No escape! Magical Leaf! [The wind picks up again, it conjures a rainbow colored leaf that spirals around Celebi... He makes a gesture commanding it forward, and it launches straight through the chimp...]
[The last of these Nightmares disintigrates...]
Celebi: [Still in the posistion... He drops it.] Finally... Phew. I'm glad they weren't any specific element. But those abilities of mine... Did I always have those...? Plant-enhanced abilities... Hmm, strange. It worked like a charm though. It could prove pretty useful in the future. (But what are the Nightmares already doing here...? I wonder if everyone's alright.)
[Celebi makes his way to the exact center of the town and sits on the water fountain's edge, awaiting any other troubles that may come to be... Just then, he spots a bird in the distance. It approaches from the air...]
Celebi: (Hey... it's 'K, coming for a morning dip as usual... It's been a while since I've seen him.)
[He appears to be a gray pidgeon Safan. He has one strand of light brown hair sticking up. The tip of his wings are white. He lands on the fountain, curious of Celebi's presence... The two stare blankly at eachother.]
--K A N E N--
Kanen: 'Ey there, mate. I don't think I've seen you around here... Are you new to these parts?
Celebi: (Oh yeah... he doesn't recognize me... I don't think he'll be able to in any way... Might as well just introduce myself...) Umm... Yep, I just got here. My name's Celebi.
Kanen: Well met! I'm Kanen. Townsfolk just call me 'K. Sorry to bother, mate. I come by every morning and have myself a mornin' bath to enjoy. Hope ya don't mind.
Celebi: Not at all...
Kanen: [Before he gets in the water, he shivers...] Ur-hr-hr... Something... Some'in don't feel quite right... The atmosphere of the town's a bit different...
Celebi: (It's probably beause Darkness is here...) Oh... Yeah, something's been going on around here... Be on the lookout for any suspicious shady characters...
Kanen: [Turns to Celebi again.] Eh? Shady characters, you say? Hmm... Ya know, I've never ever seen a Safan like yourself...
Celebi: (Got him suspicious... ) That's because I'm not a Safan... I'd best not say anything else. (I don't want them to know that I have turned against Light... I'm closer to Safiri as a friend than Mew or Tails...As well as the villagers... This includes 'K...)
Kanen: Wha-wait a sec, mate! You're not a Safan?! 'Thought so!
Celebi: Sorry... I shouldn't... be sitting about... I need to get to the bottom of the Nightmares' presence...--oop--.(Ah, I think I spilled a little too much there...)
Kanen: Eh!? You know about them?
Celebi: N-not too much! (Ugh... I've been so tensed up lately, I'm just gonna blow who I am by accident...)
Kanen: ...Hrmm... Seems the whole town's at unease... Usually the kiddies are out to get some morning air by now... Everyone's been awfully scared because of them Nightmares... Sheesh, 'last time they arrived, we had a whole bunch'a heroes backin' us up... There was a golden one in there too... I remember 'im... Chris, was it? Yup... Ah, listen to me, yappin' off again. Sorry mate.
Celebi: No, that's okay... I bet you guys felt much safer then... [Begins hovering again.] There aren't any more Nightmares at the moment... Do you know where the Proud Wanderers are?
Kanen: 'Tell the truth, not so much... How do you know 'bout them exactly?
Celebi: I uh... I've heard of them.
Kanen: 'That so?
[The two of the hear a noise come from one of the houses. They both turn... A young squirell Safan is peeping from behind a small wooden door. He seems frightened. His fur is light brown, and hihs hair is a bit darker brown, messy style. His eyes are dark green.]
--R A Y--
Kanen: Hmm? 'That Ray over there?
Ray: Oh... It's you, 'K! Phew... [Opens the door all the way.]
Celebi: (Ray... One of Safiri's good friends.)
[Ray approaches cautiously...]
Ray: I could've sworn, there were freaks out here earlier... [Notices Celebi.] Huh...? Um... Hi.
Celebi: Hey there. Don't worry, those Nightmares are gone.
Ray: Oh, you drove them away? That's rad! I can't handle those guys by myself! Not much can, I would think.
Celebi: (Already, he knows I got rid of them...)
Ray: Anyway, I'm Ray. Welcome to Oathville.
Celebi: Thanks, I'm Celebi.
[Something's watching...]
Kanen: Ray, don't this place seem a little freaky still?
Ray: Without a doubt...
Celebi: (...That presence... I've felt it before... Oh no... It's... There's no mistaking it, the only one who could...)
Kanen: Feels kinda feminine, 'eh mates?
Ray: ...Y...You know what, you're right...
Celebi: Lea!?!? Oop--[Immediately covers his mouth.]
Ray & Kanen: What?
Lea: [From nowhere...] Hehehe! You know I'm here, do you Celebi? Well well! How conveniant! I don't have to hide anymore! [Using her sorcery, she literally appears in a flash right in front of Celebi.] Hello boys!
[The three jolt back.]
Celebi: L-L-Lea!!? What the heck are you doing here?!
Lea: Aw, look at you! How adorable! Oh, and I can't just tell you why I'm here, dearie!
Celebi: Wh...Why!?
Lea: Well that would ruin the games! Remember, there's no way out! Hehe! The only way out is to die!
Celebi: Gulp... [Stunned.]
Lea: Oh, Lord Naught turned you into a cutie, yes he did! Ohh! I have an idea... Why not challenge you a little more? Let's make you even cuter! [Points her jeweled staff at Celebi.]
Celebi: Oh no... No no no no no no! [Backs up in midair.] Not that Lea! Please!! You've gotta be kidding!!
Lea: [She is flying as well. Following Celebi.] Oh no you don't! [Giggles. She thrusts the staff a bit, and a pinkish beam of light is shot at Celebi.]
Celebi: [Quickly drops himself onto the ground, avoiding the blast.] Knock it off Lea!!
Lea: Little evasive, hm? Not so much any more. [Points the staff at Celebi and begins charging up for a more powerful blast.]
Celebi: [Cowering a little.] (...Wait, what the heck am I doing? She may be a Shade, but she hasn't faced me in this form.) [Smirks.]
Lea: Hmm?
Celebi: Nice try! Think fast! [Dissapears in a quick burst, reappears about a minute ago, when Lea just appears. He quickly tackles her, grabs the staff, and retreats into the future. He is in the same position, but he has the staff.] Heheh.
Lea: [Notices she no longer has the staff.] Huh? Whaaa! How did you--What did--Where--... Oooh!! How dare you! Gimme that back!
Celebi: Ah--[Flies back up, above Lea.] Na-ah-ahh! I wouldn't do that if I were you. [Holds the staff so that the crystal is facing down.]
Lea: Waah! You be careful with that!!
Celebi: C'mon... You can't fool me Lea. I know you can't lose that easily.
Lea: You are so right! Hiya! [Using her own being, she triggers the same beam in the direction of Celebi. Celebi, unexpecting of this, drops the staff. He tries to avoid it, but fails to... Lea catches her staff.] So like you... Hehehe!
Celebi: [Fallen to the ground. Regains the ability to stand, but is still a little dizzy.] ...Erm... Whoa... [Voice seems much more feminine.] Wh-What the...?
Kanen: Great goodness, mate! Yer a sheila! I think.
Ray: [Shocked.] WHAAAT THE HEEECK!?
Celebi: Huh? Ahhhh!!! [Not much of her physical state actually shows this. There are some that do. {Not graphic about this.}]
Lea: It's been a bit Celebi! I've gotten stronger!
Celebi: Well so have I! [Dissapears just to the point where the staff was stolen the first time... But nothing has changed back to normal. A strange side effect causes Lea to have her memory of the future. Celebi notices no change.] Wh-what!? Why!?
Lea: Hehe! You're time traveling can't save you from yourself! I'm already done here, I if you think about it, I didn't have to do anything, thanks to you! You're gonna have to get to me if you wanna turn back! I can guarentee that won't be easy! See ya! [A swirling vortex envelopes Lea... she is gone within seconds.]
Celebi: [Standing completely speechless...] Whaaat...? That's not fair...
Kanen: Aiiiee!! What happened to you, mate? Something get in yer throat or...?
Ray: ...C...Celebi? Who was that? You knew her?
Celebi: Ohh... I'm afraid so...[Turns around, revealing herself to Kanen and Ray, who don't remember...] That is... so unfair!!
Kanen: Great Goodness, mate! Yer a sheila! I think.
Ray: [Shocked.] WHAAAT THE HEEECK!?
Celebi: I knew you would say that... (That makes this so much harder... Or at least so much more embarassing... Agh! But what is Lea doing here? I wouldn't be surprised to see her on Soren, but on Safa...? And was she controlling the Safan Nightmares...? I'd think that's more of Daniel's position... Daniel! Shoot!! Naught's throwing two Shades at me!?... Wait... There could be others, like Mewtwo and Eggman weren't Shades, but they were Naught's minions... Maybe someone else...)
[More townsfolk, feeling the weight of Lea's presence leave, appear, murmuring over the commotion.]
[A greenish snake rushes over to Ray. She isn't too long in length, about 4 foot. He hair is a bit curly and brown. Her eyes are darker brown.]
--S L I A N N A--
Slianna: Ray!! Are you okay?
Ray: I'm fine! Slianna, you missed it! This strange looking girl just came out of nowhere and...
Slianna: Hm? Is it her? [Refers to Celebi.]
Celebi: [Lowers her head.] Errr...
Kanen: I wouldn't say...
[A black bunny Safan with short black hair and dark azure eyes joins the conversation.]
--J A T E N N--
Jatenn: 'Sup dudes!? What's the haps?
Ray: Not sure... It happened too fast.
Jatenn: Too fast...? Seemed like that feelin' stood over town for a bit, didn't it?
[More murmurs of panic.]
Celebi: ...(No... I sense another nearby... This one is much more hidden over the crowd... In fact... This one is in the crowd... Shoot... I knew it... Lea did leave one last trap behind... Whatever the case... Darkness is very nearby... Yes... If something isn't done, the townsolf will be in danger... Time to act!) [Flies into the air.] Everyone!! There's still something wrong!!
Town Safan Monkey: Huh? Who is she? Has she always been here?
Town Safan Pony: Maybe she knows what the problem is!
Celebi: That's right! I know what's going on! ...Someone in this very crowd... Is working... for Naught!!
[Everyone reacts on a shocked motion.]
???: ...[Hidden away in the crowd.] Heheh...Nice...
Celebi: I ask you all! Please rush to safety right now!!
[No one hesitates to do this. They all rush to their houses. Kanen and Ray follow Slianna. Instead of retreating into their houses, everyone observes, as one Safan remains, his head down. A wide grin can be seen on his face... He is a dark brown dingo Safan. With a low mohawk. Black stripes run down his back. He lifts his head...grinning.]
--P R Y M E--
Pryme: Hahaha! So you found me out...
Ray & Slianna: PRYME!?
Kanen: How'd he get in our town!?!?
[The crowd gasps.]
Jatenn: Who let that sucker in our town!?
Town Safan: Yeah!! What's he doing here!? Get him out!
[Murmurs of agreement.]
Pryme: You guys... Ah, it's great to be home... Hraah! [Two shadowy puddles appear beside him. From those puddles emerge Nightmares, both of Pryme's form: dingo.]
[More murmurs, except they are much more fearful now... No one expected this.]
Ray: Pryme can control Nightmares too!?...
Slianna: No way... That's impossible!
Pryme: Hahahaha!! Look at you! Looks like Lea tied you over nicely, Celebi!
Celebi: Shut up, Pryme! You remember the last time we fought! I drove you and your dingo heinie away!
Pryme: Hah! But the tables have turned! I'm prepared now! With Naught's power, I'll win the race to your realm, Reality!! There's no escaping it! You are in one heck of a challenge this time... Chris!! Ahahahahahaha!!!
Everyone: [Long gasps.]
Celebi: Who...Who'd you call me...?
Pryme: [Laughing manaically.] Ahaa!!--H...Huh!?
[Suddenly, a bright beam of light shoots through one of his Nightmares, dissipating it. The beam becomes a living being, landing on the fountain right beside Celebi. It is a Safan hawk with a variety of colored feathers: gray, brown, black, dark brown, and white. His hair is black, and short.]
--S W I F F--
[A young black bear Safan, seemingly from nowhere, lands right in front of the other Nightmare. His fur is nearly pitch black, along with his hair, which is up due to a blue headband. His eyes are dark brown He performs a series of skilled close-combat swipes, ending with a leg flail. This eliminates the other Nightmare. He then leaps to the other side of Celebi, in a battle stance right on impact.]
--P U M E L--
Pryme: Wh-wh-whaaat!?!?
Proud Voice: [From right in front of Celebi.] Nowhere to run now, Pryme... [A grown lion Safan appears from completely nowhere. His fur his of average lion color. His mane is very dark, like that of a pride leader's. There is a strange symbol on his back... His eyes are dark peridot. Apparently he has some sort of super power, allowing him to invisify, even out of solidity. He tackles Pryme, knocking him back almost to the crowd.]
--D R I L I O N--
Town Safan: No way! Is it really them?
Town Safan: It is! Their timing is perfect!
Town Safan: Yes! The heroes have returned!
Ray: It's the Proud Wanderers! Swiff, Pumel, and Drilion!
Slianna: They're back!!
Swiff: No more games, Pryme... You and your new tricks are over...
Pumel: Give it up! Here and now!
Drilion: You stand no chance against us...
Pryme: Cr-crud... Naught told me not to abuse his dark power, 'else I'll get in trouble... But in a situation like this... It's best I RUN!!! [Another dark vortex appears. It is much smaller, and is anticipated not to lead very far. It swallows Pryme. He vanishes...]
Drilion: That foolhardy Pryme got away again, it seems...
Pumel: Good ridiance. He can't do much on his own.
Celebi: On his own, no.. But with Naught's power... It's another story.
Drilion: Are you alright? You aren't hurt?
Celebi: I'm fine, thanks... I-I really should get going, in pursuit of Pryme... [Begins hovering away from the fountain. Every is silent as she does this...]
Ray: Wait a sec! ...[Catches up to Celebi. Slianna and Jatenn follow behind.]
[Celebi stops, nervous. She refuses to turn around...]
Slianna: Yeah, hold on!
Ray: Um... I have to ask you something... When Pryme appeared... He talked about you being from Reality... And you being... Chris.
Celebi: (I don't know where everyone keeps getting Chris... Maybe they're mistaken...? But he knows I'm from Reality. Pryme mentioned too much.) Yeah, I'm from Reality... But Chris? Sorry, that's not my name... [Tensing up, in emotional confusion.]
Jatenn: Hold a sec! Chris was the only dude from Reality who could even come here! I remember that being said!
Slianna: Yes, exactly! And how else would you already know Pryme...?
Ray: And if it really is you... We missed you...
Celebi: [Closes her eyes... Trembling.]
[The townsfolk watch in silence...]
Celebi: Ray... Slianna... Jatenn... Everyone of Oathville... I've returned...
Slianna: [Gasps.]
Jatenn: !!
Ray: I... I knew it was you!!
[Everyone gathers around the scene, enlightened at this being said.]
Town Safan: The hero is back!
Town Safan: I knew it!
Town Safan: What a drastic change in appearance though...
Pumel: Wait... Chris was that really tough guy that fought with us?
Swiff: He told us he was human... It no longer looks like...
Drilion: Nonetheless, what a reunion!
[Everyone cheers in a clamor of excitement, but the out of the blue...]
Young, Timid Voice: Everyone!! We have trouble!!
[More murmurs. They are: "More trouble!?" "You must be kidding!" "That ruins the moment!" "Everyone, be quiet!! Shh!"]
[Once it is silent...]
[The boy who called this out is a small koala Safan. His hair is brown and somewhat combed, with one strand over his face. His fur is dark gray.]
--C O L L O N--
Collon: S-sorry... I'm not the type to get in front of everyone like this, but... It's horrible!! I was on my way over, and I saw these dark, shady figures! They were holding someone... And that someone was... Safiri!!!
Everyone: WHAT!?!? SAFIRI!?
Ray: Safiri's in trouble!!!!
Slianna: The Nightmares have Safiri!!
Jatenn: I was wondering where she was! We have to help her!
Collon: I tried to stop them... But I was too slow...
Drilion: Do not worry! The Proud Wanderers will aid Safiri! Her safety is crucial. She is the Eclipse, is she not?
Pumel: Yeah! We'll give those Nightmares a taste of pride! Our pride!
Celebi: No...
Everyone: Huh?!
Celebi: This is the burden I bear by my own appearance... It is because of me... that Naught's minions are here... Darkness is calling me, and I have answered... Whatever the case may be, Safiri won't be kidnapped! I'll be sure of this! No one messes with the Eclipses while I'm around!! [Bursts into the air at full speed, and then off in the direction that Collon had appeared.]
Slianna: Did... did Chris say... What I think...?
Jatenn: W-wait a sec, dudes... That didn't mean...
Ray: Chris... Answered... to Darkness...?

Well it's all over. 2008 Was an interesting year, I gotta admit...
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