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Name: Anneke Corsovas
Age: 21
Face: Long, thin face with large bold eyes, delicate nose, and full coral colored lips.
Hair: Dark, chocolate brown waves down to her mid back.
Eye color: Vibrant, sparkling green with flecks of gold in the centers.
Skin: Caramel-colored with golden undertones
Height and body type: Roughly 5’3, petit yet curvy frame.
Clothing: White, loose and flowing linen dress with tan hand-woven sandals with a ribbon tied around her wrist.
Distinguishing features: a small beauty mark on her left cheek between her nose and lips, small black ink tattoo on the nape of her neck, tribal looking and not professionally done but still fairly good quality.

On the far, small island that Anneke called her home there was nothing short of farming and family life to entertain her. She was of the ripe age of 21, and had done very little with her life besides raise her younger brother, Espen, after her parents died protesting the oppressive government of her native peoples. Since the time of her parent’s rebellion, nothing of interest or passion had phased the island, and the tyrannical rule remained to keep down the possibilities of prosperous and interesting futures for the younger generations. Despite the uneventful life she led, Anneke was content as long as her brother was by her side. However, her humdrum life was certainly not going to last very long.
Over the past few months’s merchants returning from Gaia told tales of rebellion, resistance, and struggle for freedom. Like his parents, Espen was drawn by these acts of passion and hoped to one day fight along side the rebellion forces. Being considerate of his sister's painful memories of watching her parents being torn from her at only seven years of age for a similar cause, Espen kept his inner desire for glory a secret. Well, a secret until the fateful day that the small group of political activists invited him as they set sail for the Southern shore of Gaia to collaborate with the freedom fighters. Espen left a lengthy note for his sister and escaped into the night to board a ship toward what he thought was his destiny. Once Anneke awoke to find him gone to pursue the same dangerous passions of his parents, she collapsed to the floor.
Awaking several hours later, weak and distraught, she grabbed the note and crawled into his room to read it again until she fell asleep. The next morning Anneke laid on his bed, smelling the familiar scent of wood and coconut on his pillow, and decided she had to follow the only thing that mattered to her. Of course, she had to pursue him in secret, for it was illegal for anyone to leave the island who was not a licensed merchant. At roughly 4 A.M she slipped from her hut carrying the only gold she possessed, some food and water for the journey, and a few articles of clothing. Boarding a stolen raft from the side of the harbor, she set sail for her brother.
After a week stranded at sea, Anneke had lost most all of her hope. After spending so much time on the rocking ocean, even the pale sky, shimmering stars, and calming waves tormented her. Carefully swallowing her last drops of water, Anneke lay on her raft and stared at the sky looking for guidance. For a brief moment, she closed her now dull green eyes for a moments rest from the sun, and when she reopened them she spotted a bird in the clear sky. This sighting startled her, and she assumed she must be dreaming. Upon closer inspection, however, there was indeed a bird flying high in the sky and that undoubtedly signaled land. Anneke sat up and peered out through her sunburned eyes into the distance, her long chocolaty waves blowing across her face from the gentle wind. She could barely make out a glimmering shore in the distance, and it appeared as if she was only about half a day away. Whether this new land was Gaia or not, she was relieved to be near someplace she could plant her feet. At the very least she could find some guidance toward her brother.

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