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Roleplay Characters Here is my characters for that I use in RPs.

Zero Epoch
Community Member
Kenohki no Zetsubou
Gaia Name: Zero Epoch
Character Name: Kenohki no Zetsubou (Only refers to himself as Kenohki)
Aliases: Black Fox, Kenohki of Despair, or just Ken.
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Age: 22
Powers and Abilities: Master Dual Fencer, Master of Illusion
Personality: His personality is quite hard to determine, at times (When not needed) he is serious, at others, he is trickster, and always joking. His personality, switches randomly, mostly not to fit the scene. It just seems that his overall personality is that of a trickster.
Bio: Though it seemed like he had a normal child hood, underneath it all, his grandfather was training him to become a great swordsman. It was he twisted Kenohki's mind till it unlocked his hidden powers. It was revealed, that when pushed, he creates illusions, highly realistic. After his grandfather murder, he continued to train till he perfected his sword technique, along with his illusion affects. He finally found his grandfather's murderer, they faced off. Kenohki's mind was pushed to the limit, and he created an illusion based on the person's most fond dream, then distorted it till it became a nightmare. The man couldn't escape the illusion, Kenohki finished him off, by stabbing him threw the heart. He took a black fox mask that belonged to his grandfather, putting it on, he set out. He just travels around, fighting anyone he deems worthy, or fun at the time.
Weapons: A katana and a ninjato. It should be noted that he fights with the katana in his left hand, and the ninjato in his right. (His grandfather taught him backwards, giving him the edge up on some opponents.)
Pets: He has a little silver dragon like creature named, Mer. It also should be noted, it is unknown if it is actually exists. His illusion skills are so high, it could just be there, as a highly advanced illusion.
Appearance: He wears a black formal shirt, lined with silver fabric. He keeps it clean, but it seems to be his only real shirt. On top of that, he wears black cape with a silver pendant, holding it. Over the pendant, he wears a white rose, which he often leaves as a calling card on victims. He wears a pair of fit, black pants, with a pair of high boots over them. He has a pair of glasses he wears. He normally keeps a black fox mask hidden under his cape, or on the side of his head when not fighting. When fighting he puts it on, to hide his face. This has earned him the reputation of Black Fox, as well as the times he just pulls mischievous pranks on people.

Please forgive typos, tend to post from a cellphone.
No gifts, No gold, No donations to me. Thank You.
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