As the year 2009 dawns upon us, there are sure to be changes, both postive and negative, and as such, it is no doubt that the users of Gaia are acting to meet these changes head on, and show resolve to finish them. Many might notice various changes already under way, many being enacted within the last several months, others more subtle but affect the image of the persona gazed upon, even this journal is liable to change. The way you, the reader, translates these words shall be more clearly defined.

I won't waste time explaining, but trust me, you will see... I will say some of the things on my 'to do' list.

- The lotto thread that I currently run, expect numerous changes to improve its effectiveness. Mainly improving content on contests, and adding more as well. Promotion is also another aspect to be worked on.

- The profile, with the help of a good friend, shall become more grand than it already is. [/ego]

- More clarity on the man whom wields the Ace and the man behind the controls.