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Written Here Are The Whispers Of My Outcast Thoughts
Guns, Roses, and Silver Tears
Anei walked through the graveyard, silently, her blind eyes seeing nothing, and yet everything at the same time. The life flowing through the trees, the empty life-streams that remained intact far after the bodies of the deceased had rot away. She didn't know if she could explain it, for many had tried to understand her reasoning. In every body, there was a life-stream, like the blood-system, larger veins and arteries glowed with the white light of life. These permanent canals glowed white with life, and green with confusion, red with fear, and purple with lies. They glowed a charcoal grey with death, as she saw everywhere around her.

Anei stood, in the middle of this graveyard, her white skin bright against the moon, rivaling its cream colored glow, as her mal-pigmented skin lacked the ability to produce the peachy color so many others seemed to posses. She breathed, deeply, closing her eyes and letting a small gust of wind blow a silky, ebony lock of hair over her shoulder. Anei's eyes snapped open, and she slid a slender hand over the closest grave, entitled Robert, beloved son and loving father. She smiled, or, what came as close to a smile for a girl like her. Anei's pale lips remained in their usual position, emotionless and unreadable, but her glazed over eyes twinkled with an extraordinary expression. Much like recognition, she spoke, her soft, childish voice barely audible above a whisper. "You fought for the war, Robert, and now you are dead"

Anei's eyes turned, watching for something she wished she could see. Everything had life. The grass, trees especially, the dead man beneath her, the birds, and the flowers on his grave. Even the moon and the stars had life, for one reason or another, Anei could see them. Anei could see weird things, like water, and stars, she could see strange things like emotion and lies. For some reason, her lack of sight, gave her the ability to see so much more than her regular eyes had once gazed upon. A screech could be heard, and Anei tilted her head upwards, watching as a demonic bird flew over her head, landing gracefully on the branch of a nearby tree.

Anei smiled, once again, as she felt the wind from the bending brach behind her. It's steady limb bending with the weight of a large demonic bird, perched there silently, watching her with the sight Anei herself lacked, watching her with a mixture of paternal instinct, fear, and respect for the seemingly weak girl beneath him. Anei could feel him watching her, and she looked up at her pet. " Kurushimi" her soft, childish voice spoke, eerily, as if she herself was one of the deceased herself, however, if one listened closely, listened deeply, with their heart and not their ears. If someone listened like this blind girl saw, then they would hear the note of affection that dripped from the seemingly dark name.

Anei had found Kurushimi when he was little, and he'd matured and grown fast under her care. Then one day, they'd somehow switched, the bird had grown old enough to raise it's own young, and seeing Anei, blind and fragile compared to it's strength, it'd taken her in as its child. Wordless, it protected her, and comforted her, despite his name. Kurushimi, pain, distress, anguish, had been named for the pain that he was in when Anei had found him. He represented the pain Anei had when she'd been alone. Now she had her best friend, her life, her family. He held her heart, her happiness, because his silent song of protection helped her through her blindness.

Anei turned her attention back to the gravestone, and pulled out a small knife from her sleeve. She pricked her white finger, letting crimson blood run down her hand, and drip onto the gravestone; her way of paying her respect. The man, Robert, had paid his blood for his country; this was her way of thanks, as she gave him blood, for her gratitude. One drop of crimson blood shone in the light for a moment, before falling and spreading itself onto the mossy rock. One, two, three, Anei stuck her finger in her mouth, sucking on the rusty tasting liquid for a moment, before proceeding to place a simply band-aid on it. Kurushimi cawed loudly in protest, but Anei ignored him, she didn't care what he thought about her gratitude.

its rough
but its a work in progress

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