Dear shoutout,

My name is Eve and I live in Scottland.I refuse to wear plaid.One day when i am 18,i plan on moving to Venes. You know the place with all the water. Yeah i know i spelled it wrong,but hey, we can't all be brainiacs. rolleyes .Anyway , back to bloging . I was soOoOoOo bored at home so when i found out about this website i just had to check it out.
Have you ever wondered what it was like to ride a horse all on your own?; Well now you can cause i'm going to write about my experiance at horse camp.When i got there at 4 to 12 i was thrilled to meet my horse TANK!(that was his name).My mom sent me with a bag of carrots to greet him. We rode till about 1-o-clock andthen went swimming! After that we ate lunch.I lost a tooth at that camp ,but on acident.It felt soOoOoOoOoOo good to ride a horse.Just minus the horse patties and the sweat and it was perfect.Even though horses arn't my favorit animal, they're still great.