I cannot stand overly sensitive religious people. You know the type of person who get's all in a tiff because you start whistling Silent Night and just has to preach to you about respecting other people's religion. But then, this same a*****e has to start telling you how it's a Christian sin to be best friends with a Wiccan or a Jew or they get all bent out of shape when you talk about how cool the stories in mythology are as though you're suddenly going to turn polytheistic. I cannot stand these people! It's like being a ******** hypocrite.

Seriously, I met one of these types of people today. I was walking along, minding my own business and I was passing this nicely dressed lady with this cute Christmas tree sweater. We smiled at each other, said hello and I wished her a Merry Christmas out of politeness. She stopped and turned to look at me funny and started going on and on and on and on about why I had to wish her a Merry Christmas. Why did I have to say "Christmas" instead of some other holiday? Why didn’t anybody say "Happy Kwanzaa" or "Happy Hanukkah"? Why doesn’t everyone accept all religions?

My response: "I respect every religion, ma'am. In fact, my former roommate and adopted big sister is a Christian-Wiccan."

Her response: *gasp* "Oh no! She never went to church didn't she? Oh the poor dear. You must quickly convent her before she converts you. It's the only way to save her."

Then she goes on and on and on and on about how we must convert other religions to Christianity so that they too will be welcomed into Heaven. And my grandmother wonders why I barely go to church except on Christmas Eve. I don't go to church, because most of the stuff these people preach is a complete load. People are constantly preaching about respecting other religions and how we should only sing religious Christmas carols in the church, but when we start making friends with people from other religions, they start to look at us like we're the ******** spawn of Satan.

It's insane. So as to what I did about this lady. She made me laugh and I told her that she just got done bitching about how we should respect other religions and she told me that respecting religions did not include making friends with people from those religions. I laughed and walked away as she called out, "God will forgive you, child!"

Yep, can't stand overly sensitive religious people. You can't even hold a decent conversation with these people how a cool myth you read. Seriously, I've tried to say how neat the myth about Demeter and Persephone is and some ******** started babbling about how I shouldn't be reading mythology because it'll make me stray from Christianity. What the ******** ever.

Don’t get me wrong, I mean, there's nothing wrong with enjoying your religion. But enjoying it has its limitations. Seriously, if God is so strict about what religion is right and what religion is wrong, then I don’t what to believe in God.

Now don’t go thinking that I’m some Satanic atheist. Because, here's what I personally believe. I believe that the higher powers (God, Zeus, Buddha, Ra, whoever) accepts everyone for who they are and despite what your belief is, if you've been a good person then you’ll go to whatever that shining, sacred place in the clouds is called. I don't think the almighty, heavenly beings are cold-hearted enough to tell my dearest friend Arlie that she can't come to Heaven just because she's a Christian-Wiccan or my buddy Jess she has to go to Hell because she's a Wiccan priestess.

Anyway, that ends my incredibly long rant. Thanks for listening and reading.