Dude...This is my first post in 2 and a half years...O.O I'm reading back on my last entries and it's simply amazing how much I've changed :/ I've noticed both the good and the bad about it. The bad things I've noticed is that I barely talk to anyone on here anymore...which makes me QQ pretty hard. And what's worse is that I barely talk to you guys outside of this site...I can name only 3 people from my friends list that I keep in constant touch with...=( But no worries. Even though I don't talk to you guys, I know the relationships are still there and we WILL meet again -.- Now for the good. In addition to being a high school graduate, I'm also a college graduate. Woot!!! Grats me =P I'm going back though so I'm not entirely done. I don't know why but I'm not ready to go out into the world yet. Maybe it's because of the state our economy is in...maybe it's because I'm just a scared little girl O.o Iunno. All I know is that I just can't go out there yet. Another good thing about my change is the fact that I've matured a bit more. Two and a half years ago, I never would've dreamed that I could live by myself, not go crazy with money the way I used to or keep a decent relationship the way I have. Like I said, it's simply astounding.
But yeah...It's exactly 4 am here and my semi-insomnia seems to be winding down for the night, so for those who cared to read this, have a great day! or night! or...afternoon...? Iunno. Just make it great. Take care!

Currently Listening to:
Menos El Oso - Minus The Bears
"I saw her with another man walking downtown
She's not mine and she'll never be by my side walking downtown
I'd only met her once before
She was alone in the back booth, a drink and a cigarette
Smoking like she was waiting for someone
Me stealing glances as she stole my breath"