Okay...heres the deal! I have a buddy, and I'm not telling u people who might read this. Anyway, I just remade my aquarium, Atlantis, and now have 1 goldfish and a cuttlefish. xd (This does not have anything 2 do with the title of the journal name and/or entry.) Now, I have a good life in Gaia...The only thing I'm having trouble with is customizing my room/house. Mainly, because my CPU won't let me!?!?!?!? Dont u hate when things don't go your way??? (sighs) I feel u who ever said "Yes".
Any1 who said "No"...I envy u. And now i'll go from happy 2 sad.
rofl blaugh xd biggrin smile redface crying stare confused gonk scream pirate evil twisted

Well, I hope u enjoyed that...2 me its was time comsuming...I lost 5 seconds out of my day!