gaia character journal 12/5

oh, hi there, and happy december! you know what that means...WINTER and even better XMAS but first there needs to be snow, which brings me to my attire, you see i have been taking classes at The Cast of Icantion an advanced school for sorcery, and for my semester final i need to perform a spell i create to effect the environment. after doing research i figured the perfect formula, by using a mixture of ice,light,emotional, and dark magic, put in love and weather formation, i can create the pefect gentle snow of romance, i call it

weather le amor-snow forme

all the items i am wearing increase a certain element to square the equation...ok here i go WEATHER LE AMOR-SNOW FORME!!!

it'll take a while for the the spell to spread over to a form where it can actually snow, but untill then, HAPPY WINTER!!!

P.S. do you think the dark magic was a bit much for romance, i really hope not